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Garbett Plateau : Everything You Need To Know

Garbett Plateau : Everything You Need To Know

By daastanemusafirPublished 5 months ago 3 min read

**Garbett Plateau: A Tranquil Haven in the Western Ghats**

Nestled in the picturesque Western Ghats of India, the Garbett Plateau stands as a serene testament to nature's beauty and tranquility. This elevated plateau, located near Matheran in the Raigad district of Maharashtra, is a haven for nature enthusiasts and trekkers seeking a respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. Here's everything you need to know about the Garbett Plateau.

**Geography and Accessibility:**

The Garbett Plateau is situated at an altitude of approximately 2625 feet above sea level, offering panoramic views of the surrounding hills and valleys. The plateau is accessible via a trek from Matheran, one of the smallest hill stations in India, renowned for its eco-sensitive approach as vehicles are banned inside the town.

Trekking to Garbett Plateau is a popular activity, and the trail provides an immersive experience through dense forests, rocky terrains, and open meadows. The trek usually begins from Diksal Village, which is approximately 8 km from Matheran. Trekkers can also opt for a longer route starting from Bhivpuri or Karjat, each offering a distinct adventure.

**Flora and Fauna:**

The Garbett Plateau is a part of the lush Western Ghats, a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its biodiversity. The trek takes you through dense forests rich in flora, including a variety of indigenous trees, medicinal plants, and vibrant wildflowers. The region is also home to diverse fauna, and lucky trekkers might spot species like langurs, macaques, and various bird species along the way.

**Scenic Beauty:**

One of the highlights of the Garbett Plateau trek is the breathtaking scenery that unfolds throughout the journey. As trekkers ascend, they are treated to stunning vistas of the surrounding hills, deep valleys, and the distant Sahyadri mountain range. The landscape is particularly enchanting during the monsoon season when the plateau comes alive with lush greenery and cascading waterfalls.

At the summit, the Garbett Plateau offers a 360-degree view that is truly mesmerizing. The cool breeze and the tranquility of the plateau create a perfect setting for relaxation and introspection. The view from the top includes prominent peaks like Prabalgad, Matheran, and Chanderi Fort, adding to the allure of the experience.

**Historical Significance:**

Apart from its natural beauty, the Garbett Plateau also holds historical significance. The trek passes by ancient forts, adding a layer of historical charm to the journey. The forts along the way, including Prabalgad and Matheran, stand as silent witnesses to the region's rich history and the tales of Maratha warriors.

**Best Time to Visit:**

While the Garbett Plateau is accessible throughout the year, the best time to visit is during the post-monsoon and winter seasons. The months of October to March offer pleasant weather, making the trek more enjoyable. The post-monsoon season also transforms the plateau into a vibrant green carpet, providing a feast for the eyes.

**Trekking Essentials:**

Trekking to Garbett Plateau requires preparation and the right set of essentials. Trekkers are advised to carry sturdy trekking shoes, sufficient water, energy snacks, a first aid kit, and weather-appropriate clothing. It's also crucial to check the weather forecast and be aware of the trekking guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

**Preservation and Responsible Tourism:**

The Garbett Plateau, like many natural wonders, is vulnerable to the impact of tourism. It is essential for visitors to adhere to responsible tourism practices, such as avoiding littering, respecting local communities, and following designated trekking paths. Many organizations and local authorities are working towards the conservation of the Western Ghats, and visitors can contribute by being mindful of their ecological footprint.


The Garbett Plateau stands as a testament to the natural beauty that the Western Ghats of India have to offer. Beyond the physical challenges of the trek, it provides a spiritual journey through lush landscapes, historical remnants, and awe-inspiring views. As more people discover the allure of this hidden gem, it becomes imperative to approach it with a sense of responsibility, ensuring that future generations can also revel in the magic of Garbett Plateau.


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