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Follow These 10 Simple Rules In Your Daily Routine To Stay Fit In 2020

Follow these simple rules in your routine to make your 2020 healthy

By Swati DubéPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

If you want to stay fit this year and don't want to suffer from any disease, then follow these simple rules in your routine to make your 2020 healthy.

1) Wake Up Early

If you want to be mentally and physically fit, then wake up early in the morning.

Waking up early keeps your energy up throughout the day. In the morning, oxygen levels are high which helps the brain to develop.

Research has shown that people who wake up early have a healthier brain than those who wake up late.

2) Breakfast Timely

Research says, not having breakfast on time slows metabolism in the body, due to which the body begins to increase fat and burn fewer calories.

Not having breakfast on time not only upset your stomach, but it also worsens the digestive system, affecting the heart and brain.

So, no matter how busy you are, do not forget to have breakfast on time. It helps give you energy throughout the day.

3) Do Intermittent fasting

To not only stay in shape but to make your mind clutter-free and to avoid putting garbage inside your body, you should fast intermittently.

Intermittent fasting is when you narrow the window to engulf food.

The popular method is 16: 8, in which you limit your eating habits to 8 hours and fast for the remaining 16 hours.

Another one is 5: 2, where you have to fast 2 days a week. This will boost your metabolism and kill the bad bacteria from your body.

4) Get Enough Sleep

Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night, because sleep is very important for a healthy mind and body.

It helps the body to relax and function properly.

Lack of proper sleep reduces the immunity in the body, which increases the risk of dangerous diseases like cancer, ulcers, sleep deprivation, and high blood pressure.

5) Meditate Daily

Meditation helps to keep the body and mind stable.

With its help, the body's immunity increases, proper calories are burned and fat is controlled.

Meditation also helps in controlling blood circulation and maintains the glow of the skin.

6) Do Not Overeat

Who doesn't want to eat their favorite things all the time?

But it is not known when this habit changes to overwriting.

Overeating not only increases obesity but also diseases related to the heart, liver, and kidney.

Tracking your food and knowing what you are eating throughout the day will help you keep yourself fit this year. This can also save you from overeating.

7) Reduce Caffeine

This year reduce the amount of caffeine from your routine.

Taking a cup of tea or coffee is fine but excess caffeine is not good for your health.

Consuming more caffeine will give birth to irascibility, insomnia, and muscle pain.

Not only this, it increases the problem of PCOS in women.

So, stay away from caffeine to make your body healthy so that you can become wealthy.

8) Say No Headphones While Sleeping

The use of headphones at bedtime does not allow the body to rest properly, leading to laziness, irritability, and tension in the morning.

Due to the constant noise in the ears, the mind is not able to remain stable while sleeping, due to which the sleep is not completed properly.

So avoid using headphones while sleeping at night.

9) Do Not Take Stress

Stress makes you tired not only mentally but also physically and emotionally.

Prolonged stress slows down the digestive system and slows blood flow due to rapid heartbeat.

It worsens the functioning of the nervous system and weakens the immune system.

So, whenever you feel stressed, keep calm and meditate.

10) Drink More Water

'Drink more water' is the most common thing, but still, nobody follows it and forgets to take it.

As our body is made up of 60% water, so you should drink more water to hydrate it.

Drink at least three litres of water a day. You can also take coconut water, lemonade or buttermilk. It keeps many diseases away.


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