Energy-Saving Tips

4 Simple Ways to Help Reduce Your Electricity Bills

Energy-Saving Tips

Without a doubt, homeowners will immediately jump on the latest ways to save money by lessening their electricity consumption. But if the solution mentions scheduled time for the air conditioner and heater, or less TV time and game time, surely, the whole family will instantly defy the idea.

While those could help, there are other ways that don't have to compromise your only entertainment. The truth is, moderating our energy consumption doesn't have to be painful nor difficult.

If you're an avid reader of tips and how-to's like this, you might have come across several energy-saving articles that mostly recommend buying energy-efficient appliances. Well, that is definitely effective. But, why would you replace your appliances when the current one is all working just fine? This solution is only for those who have extra cash to spare or a family that's just about to build their home.

You don't really have to invest a huge amount of money to help minimise your energy consumption in the long run. Here are 4 simple ways to help reduce your electricity bills.

Use cold water to wash your clothes

Washing your clothes with hot water is only necessary for very dirty clothing, soiled clothing or those that were worn by someone sick. Aside from these instances, washing your clothes in cold water is highly recommended. Not only can it lower your energy consumption but is also deemed better for your clothing. Cold water is known to ensure colour fastness and help preserve your clothes' fabric.

Replace your light bulbs with energy-efficient ones

Traditional incandescent light bulbs that we're usually used in our homes consume huge amounts of electricity. Yes, they are cheaper, while energy-efficient alternatives definitely cost more. However, replacing your usual light bulbs with light-emitting diode bulbs (LEDs) can lessen your electricity consumption from 25-80%. So instead of replacing your bigger appliances with energy-efficient ones, while you haven't saved enough for it yet, why not start with light bulbs first? For proper installation of energy-efficient light bulbs and/or suggestions of the best brand to use, reach out to your professional electrician Central Coast.

Turn on your fans

Fans make any room feel a lot cooler so you can use a timer for your air conditioner and keep your fans on. Now, we all know that air conditioners generate more energy and hike up our electricity bills in no time, but fans consume less. So while we can keep our fans on during the summer heat, we can lessen the use of our air conditioners.

Seal air leaks and small cracks in your home

One way to reduce your electricity consumption for heating or cooling your houses is to make sure that even the smallest cracks around are sealed up.

Tip: The usual sources of air leaks include air vents, windows, and doors. Small openings in the wall, floor, and ceiling from plumbing, ducting or electrical wiring could also be a source of air leaks.


Conserving energy using this simplest of ways can not only help you save more money by keeping your electricity bills at bay but also helps protect the environment. Always remember that a small step towards a simple change for the better can go a long way.

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