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Eco Friendly Lifehacks to Make the World a Better Place

Hate when grocery stores pack your food in plastic and brown bags? Try out any of these awesome eco friendly lifehacks to make the world a better place!

By Rachel BlanchardPublished 6 years ago 6 min read

As the days go, we can tell that our planet is constantly being harmed by many people's harsh actions, from tossing trash out the window to filling the airs with factory smoke and fog, basically suffocating the nature around us. And the sad part is that not many people are realizing this. Not to mention that many of our actions are causing the greenhouse effect, and it's not getting any better. While many of us are consistently recycling, avoiding plastic as much as possible, and turning off lights in rooms that we aren't using, there are so many and easier ways to help our planet!

The earth has been around for billions and billions of years and it's only natural to take great care of it. That's why all of us should be getting into these eco friendly lifehacks to make the planet a happier place for all of us! Plus, the majority of these lifehacks are fairly easy to do and be consistent about it.

If there's a convenient store right down the road, why not use your bike to get there? Why would you harm your surroundings as well as waste your gas on getting to a destination that's literally three to five minutes away? While you'll appreciate nature much more this way, you're also slipping in some exercising!

However, if you don't have a bike, you should get your very own and use it to its advantage. A fantastic and durable bike is this one by Schwinn. It's heavy-duty, smooth to ride, and it's in the most stunning shade of yellow! Bikes are ideal for enjoying nature and getting a good workout with. You're also not wasting anymore money on gas or creating polluting air that really harms trees.

Use cloth bags for the grocery store.

From the brilliant eco friendly lifehacks you should start doing is using cloth bags whenever taking a trip to the grocery store. Instead of them wasting plastic and brown bags to store your food in, simply hand them your cloth bag to store the food! With this, you won't have to deal with extra plastic and paper laying around the house.

This type of bag isn't just used for the grocery store, but for the convenience store, and anywhere else, too. And when it starts to get dirty, simply give them a good wash and they're good to go once again! Cloth bags are also products that help you stop contributing to plastic waste.

Build your own garden!

Now, this takes a lot of time and patience, but the aftermath is truly extraordinary. If you have enough room in your backyard for a garden, doesn't even matter the size, you should certainly make it happen! You can easily fill your garden with any type of food you like, from tomatoes to cucumbers, figs, onions, or even potatoes.

Before you get started, make sure you educate yourself on the topic. You wouldn't want to start your own tomato garden without any knowledge. Once you've properly maintained the garden, you'll be rewarded with a ton of delicious and all-natural foods! This is a great way to rejuvenate the soil and you'll have your own food, too.

Using reusable water bottles is definitely among the best eco friendly lifehacks to start doing! There are so many different styles and types when it comes to water bottles. While they're dishwasher safe, you won't constantly be using plastic water bottles that are a waste in the end. Plus, you're saving a ton of money from not buying cases of water bottles anymore. This is also one of the great ways to cut down on plastic.

And as for a really unique water bottle, this one by UncommonGoods will make all of your water taste fruity! Inside of this water bottle features an opening where you can use to put in bits and pieces of fruits in for better-tasting water. You can also put lemon slices in the opening, too, for a more citrusy flavor.

Always reuse glass jars and plastic containers.

Reusing glass jars and plastic containers is among the great eco friendly lifehacks to start doing. Glass jars are perfect for storing literally anything you want. From foods and spices to house appliances and toiletries, glass jars can always be reused and never worn down.

Same goes for plastic containers. Plastic containers are ideal for storing leftover foods and foods in general. Instead of wasting plastic or anything else that you can't reuse, plastic containers can always keep your food fresh. Also, many of the plastic containers are safe from heat, so hot food won't ruin its surfaces. Glass jars and plastic containers are perfect ways to reduce your waste!

Take short showers and limit sink water use.

There are so many people who really... really take advantage of their water. I'm talking about taking hour-long showers, allowing the water to run while you're brushing your teeth, and even the water running while washing the dishes. When using the water, you should limit the amount you're using.

If you're taking a shower, try taking shorter showers instead of standing there and spacing out while the water is running. As for washing the dishes, you can fill a small bucket of water in the sink and wash dishes straight from there without having the water running from the sink. This way, you're saving water and your water bills won't be as high anymore!

Start carpooling or using public transportation.

Carpooling or using public transportation is certainly one of the best eco friendly lifehacks to start doing. If you and your friends live close by, why not carpool together to class? Or use public transportation to get to work instead of driving.

You'll be using less gas that's polluting the air as well as spending less gas money. When it comes to carpooling, you and your friends can alternate so one person isn't doing all the driving.

Stay away from the chemical cleaning products.

There are a lot of chemical cleaning products that are not only expensive, but aren't natural. Instead of wasting any more money on toxic, chemical cleaning solutions, there are so many other better alternatives to use to clean around the house.

You can substitute the majority of your household cleaning solutions with natural ingredients like vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda. Much cheaper, all-natural, and works just as great as any regular cleaning solution, these alternatives cleaning solutions won't empty out your wallet either after every purchase. Plus, using lemon juice around your house will give off that sweet, citrusy smell!

Unplug all appliances you aren't using.

If you're not using the blender, television, toaster, or any other plug-in appliance, simply unplug them. While it's one of the best eco friendly lifehacks you can do, it's fairly simple, as well. Whatever plugged-in electronic that you aren't using should be detached from the wall.

This way, you'll be saving power and your electricity bills won't be so high either. Next time you're done using the blender, or even your blow-dryer, just unplug it!

Recycle all of your old electronics.

Lastly, from the brilliant eco friendly lifehacks you should consider doing, is recycling all of your old electronics that you aren't using. Since the majority of them are made out of plastic, these products aren't biodegradable and they'll just be sitting somewhere untouched forever.

The best way to get rid of your unused electronics is by recycling them or giving them to stores where they take old cellphones and gadgets. These stores will break down the parts and use them to create much more advanced devices! This is definitely a better idea than allowing these old electronics to collect dust in your drawer or closet.

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