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Reduce Your Waste!

by Wohali Stevenson 4 years ago in list
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Small Tips to Make Change!!

Our Earth and small changes you can do in your life to make a change

Hi everyone, my name is Wohali and I am proud to say I live a zero waste life style. I look around at my community and see how much change we can make if we just do a small few changes to our daily routine! Now the first thing I would like to mention that is a key to start making a change is awareness. Awareness about all the small trash that’s accumulating in your day to day lives. Things like plastic straws and to-go containers. (Styrofoam is the WORST.)

Tip #1

Carry a water bottle at all times to save money from buying water or other bottles and reduce your plastic consumption! Preferably a glass or stainless steal bottle.

Tip #2

When at a restaurant don't use the plastic straw! In today's world it has become the norm to always use a plastic straw with your drink, instead just drink from the glass or if you're in love with straws order a stainless steel or bamboo straw and carry it with you! Here is a link where you can order one.

Tip #3

Don’t use plastic cutlery when possible! Instead try to carry your own silver wear or order some to-go bamboo cutlery; this link has a pack with the spoon, fork, straw, and straw cleaner in a to-go pouch but you can find bamboo cutlery in other online stores by them selves, I just personally love the set!

Tip #4

When going grocery shopping, try to avoid plastic bags at all costs! Instead invest in some reusable bags, they are sold in most grocery stores.You can also look at places like Marshals, or online!

Tip #5

(This tip is if possible.) In my town we have a CO-OP that sells items in bulk like flour, rice, and peanut butter. But if you can or are willing buying in bulk it is another way to reduce waste in your daily life! BEWARE of double packaging “bulk items.” Look for bulk bins where you can bring your own containers! Here is a link to find a bulk store near you!

Tip #6

A great tip to help create change is to not get to-go containers (made from styrofoam especially) and instead bring some Tupperware from your home to carry any left overs you may have!

Tip #7

Try to avoid individually wrapped items at all costs! Food items that come in individual “to-go” packaging come in wrappers that can most likely can NOT be recycled OR reused. The trash from packaging makes up a big chunk in landfills.

Tip #8

Going with Tip #7, before you start buying new containers, look around and see if you have some you can use (such as pasta sauces, they come in glass jars you can usually wash that and it's a perfect bulk container!) Start looking and reusing! (Reuse before you recycle!!!)

Tip #9

Go to local thrift stores to donate or find clothes for you! Not only are you recycling good clothing you no longer use, but you can find good clothing while recycling.

I'm not pushing a zero waste lifestyle, but if you feel called to that lifestyle, YAY. I am simply showing things we can all make an effort to do to produce a bit less waste in the trash can. One American on average throws away 4.4 lbs a day, that means 1,606 lbs per year! To put that into perspective that, the height of that trash is 192 ft cubed, the same size as the Leaning Tower of Pisa. One individual can make a tremendous difference.

Thank you for taking the time in reading some of these helpful tips to start making some changes to support our environment! Together we can make a difference; it starts with you!! Have a amazing day everyone!


About the author

Wohali Stevenson

I’m a environmentalist and yogi 🕉 just here to make the world a better place ❤️ Will be posting articles about everything I love and belive in every month, hope you enjoy! My instagram is @wohalipenguins_

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