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Easy Daily Habits That Will Make You Smarter

Looking to gain more knowledge easily? These are the simple daily habits that will make you smarter!

By Jennifer VioletPublished 5 years ago 7 min read

We all can gain a little more knowledge each and everyday to feed our brains. Whether it's reading something off of the newspaper, slowly learning how to play a new instrument, or talking to people with different ideas, it's easy to learn something new everyday. And if we really make an effort, all of us can gain much more knowledge through daily habits.

Our daily habits affect the way we understand things, such as watching TV, surfing the internet, or even during your regular commute to school or work. However, we can pick up easy habits that can teach and shows us much more than what we already know. I'm talking about out of the ordinary habits that you would never think of doing. And the habits that you wouldn't think twice of doing are the habits that really show you more to life. Interested? Consider any of thesedaily habits that will make you smarter!

Read either fiction or non-fiction books.

Many of us already know that reading can teach us a lot about literally anything, but we just can seem to find the motivation to actually pick up a novel. So find that motivation and head to your local library or bookstore, because reading is not only very entertaining, but it places you in a whole new world where you can learn so much from. There are many benefits of reading.

Whether you're interested in reading fiction or nonfiction, both can show you what's really out there. Even the Harry Potter series can expand your mind, believe it or not. Read during your off times or right before bed, but be warned, many great books out there can keep you up all night wanting to read just one more chapter before sleeping.

Watch the news instead of TV shows.

Watching the news is one of the daily habits that will make you smarter, because it opens up on what's happening out there in the world. Instead of watching nonsense television shows, switch the channel to any news station. They'll give you live updates on what's going on around you and topics that you, and everyone else, should be aware of.

Watching the news also gives you topic ideas to talk about with friends and family. Not only will you learn a lot from news stations, but you'll seem much smarter to those around you by how much knowledge you have on what's happening in the country and across the world.

Write down your thoughts and ideas.

This is a great one among the daily habits that will make you smarter—handwriting all of your thoughts and ideas! Get yourself a simple notebook or a leather-cover journal (if you're extra like me), and write down whatever great idea or thought pops into your head. This method is perfect for actually jotting down ideas and not letting them disappear from your mind.

Many of us will come up with great ideas for a project or a task while taking a shower, driving to school/work, or even eating, and we tend to get lazy to write them down, because we're positive that it'll still be in our heads. But they don't... they disappear.

Writing in your journal and looking back over it that's filled with thoughts and ideas that actually expand your mind. Those simple thoughts that appeared in your head can now be taken seriously when writing them down.

Be around people who are smarter than you.

Out of the daily habits that will make you smarter, being around smart people can boost your knowledge tremendously. Why? You're speaking with people who have completely different thoughts and perspectives than you—especially if they're in totally different fields from you. If you get to understand where they're coming from and their perspective on certain topics, you'll see it from a whole different way.

Even just listening to a conversation feeds knowledge into the brain. Just viewing how others perceive the world can show you so much.

Question everything.

Many people don't considering doing this often, but it's definitely something important to consider always doing everyday. Everyone has questions on nearly anything, but are too discouraged to go out there and find the answers. Even simply asking a question doesn't cross their minds, because they most likely don't care.

On topics that don't really interest you, ask questions! An example coming from myself is sports. I'm not the biggest fan of sports, yet I always question my friends the rules to a certain game and the players on the teams. Since I asked so many questions regarding basketball, I know a decent amount about the sport and popular athletes. Ask questions at work, ask people questions about themselves—you won't gain proper knowledge if you don't question anything.

Be more productive.

Being productive can show you much more than you think. If you've been holding off on a project that you intended on finishing months ago, you're not gaining anything from it. What about that task you were supposed to do but got lazy? Many people lose their productivity, because they believe that they'll soon get to it, but they end up never completing it.

Push yourself to be more productive, think about the accomplishments you'll receive if you actually get up and finish that project. Not only will you finally finish the work, but you'll learn a lot from the process. This is one of the best daily habits that will make you smarter. And if you still can't be more productive, check out these apps to help your productivity.

Exercise often.

Exercising the body also means you're exercising the brain. In general, exercising pumps blood through your veins and gets your heart racing and your muscles strengthening. This also goes for your brain. Blood is being pumped through the veins in your brain, as well, and this benefits becoming smarter.

So, try to work out every day or even every other day to keep the blood flowing. Strengthen your muscles, maintain a healthy heart, and fuel your brain with knowledge.

Get out of your comfort zone and try new things.

How many of you go to the same restaurants and order the same meals often? Hell, I do. But that needs to stop. Even though that burger is your favorite, or that Alfredo pasta is your go-to, try something different every now and then. If you've never tried sushi and can't think twice about trying it, you'll never know anything about it if you don't try it at least once. Hey, you might even love it! Personally, sushi is my favorite, and I highly suggest you give it a shot.

From the daily habits that will make you smarter, this doesn't only lean towards food, it's for anything. If you love listening to the piano, learn how to play it. Don't have the confidence to play soccer? Give it a shot, you might end up becoming a successful player. You'll learn nothing if you don't get out of your comfort zone and try out things you never thought about doing.

Explore new areas.

This is an interesting idea out of the daily habits that will make you smarter. If you commute with a bus, train, etc., take different routes when walking to school or work. You see the same buildings almost every day and know what cafe is around that corner, but have you ever thought about taking a completely different route to work? You can check out and learn a lot about what's on the next street over. You might even discover a really cute boutique to splurge in.

This also goes for hanging out with friends. When you and your friends can't think of a place to head to on the weekend, look up cool areas to try out. You'll learn so much from visiting different places and also understand where many of these places are located.

Share what you learned with others.

Last on the daily habits that will make you smarter list, is share everything that you learned with others. Not only are you refreshing your thoughts while talking to others, but you're passing on knowledge. This is a great way to reminisce what you learned from the news station or a novel you just finished reading.

Also, those who you're conversing with can give their opinions on the topics as well, and you can learn and understand from a different perspective. Expand your mind, pass on your knowledge to others, and boost brainpower.


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