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Making Money Straight from Your Smart Phone

By SarahPublished 6 years ago 8 min read
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Money making apps. Is it really that simple?

Okay, let’s be honest. How many times have you been on the internet, whether it be scrolling through Facebook or Instagram and seen an ad for a money-making app. All of the ads and articles that lead you to these apps are really enticing, (The Penny Hoarder, I’m looking at you) and promise and assure you that money-making right from an app on your phone is super simple! How simple is it really and at what cost (time-wise) sacrifice are you making? Here I break down a few of the apps/techniques that I’ve personally tried to tell you if they are just a waste of time or not.

#1 Taking Surveys

*I do not own the logo*

If you can’t resist clicking on every money-making app article like me (As I said, they are enticing!) then you’ve probably heard that taking online surveys could make you money. Which is true, however no one tells you how difficult it is! I personally don’t like taking surveys because getting rewarded for them are a dime a dozen. Think of it like playing Russian Roulette. Not only do I not fancy spending 25-30 minutes on answering questions (That’s about average for any survey worth your while) but I don’t like getting 23 minutes into the survey to get kicked out of it! With any survey you take, you have to answer questions to qualify for the survey and if you’re lucky enough to qualify, still any and every question you answer wrong could be cause for a disqualification! They say they are asking for your opinions but if they don’t like your answers, they don’t have any reason to let you continue. Your sole opinion isn’t really that valuable to them, because there are millions of other people who can give them the answers they actually want. Sad to say, but true.

I literally took a survey once and got super close to the end, might even been on the very last question and I got kicked out. No points rewarded! You know what the question was? What gender are you? What. Gender. Did I seriously get disqualified for being female? After all the effort and time I put into answer questions truthfully and to the best of my ability? Needless to say, I was a bit upset. Haven’t put much effort to it since then. But, since I can’t resist the idea of making money online, there is a good chance in the future that I will try again.

If you’re looking for good websites to take surveys and other things on however, here are a few of my links to get you started.

Swagbucks (Highly recommend, really good, tons of gift card/saving money opportunities such as cash back and MANY more things to do other than surveys. I just cashed out $25! Link)

#2 Taps for Money

This app is stupidly simple. Honestly it couldn’t get more mindless. All you have to do, is click a button. 1 million times. Sound ridiculous? Maybe, but you can get $15 deposited into PayPal just for doing so. There are more things to do with this app, such as entering daily contest by spending your clicks. This gives you the opportunity to earn more PayPal money or small items like a charging cable but personally, I’m not interested in winning these contests. I’d just like my $15 stupidly easy money and move on with my life. There are ways to get more taps such as watering your Money Tree for 10 taps instead of 1, which can unlock faster ways to earn taps but these come with ads, which is slightly annoying but they are easy to get around or ignore. Unlocking a Money Farm gets you 7 taps instead of 10 but you can tap pretty endlessly with way less ads, which is considerably better.

The trouble with this app though would be the ads. Obviously, there are going to be quite a few. I haven’t found them terribly annoying but you have to think, since this app literally pays you based on how many time you can tap a button, they have to get that money from somewhere! And that revenue comes from advertisers. I also heard that the payout is really slow, which also comes from the fact that they need the money from advertisers to pay it out. They say to wait at least a month, but it can take longer than that. So basically, if you want to wait a month or so for $15 worth of mindless, pretty fun work, this is the app for you! Heard of Cookie Clickers? If you like clicking game apps like that, you might as well make some money while doing it!

(You can only cash out once with this app though. No second chances!)

Here is a link to get you started.

As a side note, they have another app called Fish for Money. You cast a line, wait for a fish and once you get 1 million pounds, you can cash out for $15! This one (I believe!) You can cash out more than once, unlike Taps for Money.

#3 Selling Your Old Things

One of Penny Hoarders bright ideas is to sell your things online. How hard can it be though? Just post some stuff and sell it right? Please. Give me a break. First of all, who has a ton of things they just want to get rid of anyway? And if you do, it isn’t as easy as you might think. Let’s say you want to sell on LetGo or Amazon. After you go through the crazy process of signing up and putting your things online, which can include steps like taking good pictures, pricing it out, cleaning it if need-be, and actually posting and writing a good description for the product you're selling—you actually have to sell the thing! And who knows how long it could take before you get a buyer! Out of the thousands of items they have for sale on Amazon, who knows how long it may take to find someone to buy it? But for the sake of the post, let’s say you find a buyer and you make a sale, now you have to actually ship the item to them or meet them in person! Kinda scary if you ask me! Working around both of your busy schedules to meet a stranger in a discussed, random location to make a sale sounds just about as sketchy as it’s gonna get. And a waste of time if they check the item out and decide they don’t want to buy it! Or, if you ship it to them (Which may be less of a hassle, but still annoying). You have to decide who is going to pay the shipping cost, you or them? Which could eat into your, likely, already small profit. You’d have to go to FedEx or some other shipping place and get it packaged and sent off, and hope they don’t ask for a refund! Honestly, just typing out all of the issues has gotten me exhausted! Total waste of time if you ask me, but good luck if you actually make this method work!

#4 Getting Cash Back for Shopping!

This idea is totally legitimate and can really work. My personal favorite app is called Dosh, and its super easy to make money with. I got a referral code from my friend and it earned her money as well! Honestly, it’s easier to get your friends and family signed up and get money from them using your referral code than actually getting the cash back, but both ways work just fine. All you have to do is link a card and within a few minutes, they reward you with $5 to start. And every time you use your card at places on the app, you get a certain amount of cash back from those places. You don’t even have to do anything but shop or eat out like normal! You’re already shopping and things so why not get cash back for it? This is great for people who shop a lot with a card, especially if you are the main shopper in your household.

Here is my link to get you started!

#5 Shopkicks (More Cash Back for Shopping!)

If Dosh wasn’t the app for you, try Shopkicks. Getting “kicks” is super easy, and you don't even have to purchase anything if you don't want to! You can get Kicks just for walking into your favorite stores and scanning items!

So lets say you are going to Target, you need to have your Bluetooth and location on for this to work but, when you walk into the store with the app open, you can get, say, 10 Kicks for just walking in (Points do vary). Then as you walk around the store, shopping or browsing like normal, you can get points just for scanning the items. Purchasing is not always necessary, however you do get extra point for items that you actually buy. It's super simple. Walk-in points, scanning points, and points for buying! There are tons of options for gifts cards and while, unfortunately, you can't cash out with PayPal on this app but there are pretty awesome gift cards that you can save up and use while you shop. Its worth it if you ask me, and its pretty fun—think of it like a scavenger hunt through the store!

(Here's my referral code to get you started! FREE410451)

Enjoy this article?

I would just like to say that this post was not sponsored. I was not paid to hype these apps up. I was not paid to say anything about them (though I wish I was!) These are just apps that I enjoy using in my free time, and ones I have personally made money off of and I wanted to share them with other people as well. If you did enjoy, be sure to check out some of my other posts as well and as always thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed! :)

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