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Different Ways To Hide Apps, Photos, And Files On Android Devices

Different Ways To Hide Apps, Photos, And Files On Android Devices

By Delhi MagazinesPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

If you want to hide apps, visual or audio content on your Android device, it is your right destination. There can be many reasons for hiding the mobile phone’s content. If you don’t want to provide access to particular files or apps, hiding them is a great way to prevent someone from using them.

Sometimes you store sensitive information and apps on your device, and you want to hide them from your family members or children not to access them. It is good because some apps and media files are not child friendly. Hiding such media files or apps is the easiest way to protect the children.

Moreover, you can hide elements of a mobile device using the following innovative ways. In this guide, we will cover Android devices. Some modern Android phones come with built-in hiding tools. Let’s find out more ways to hide apps and other media files.

Consider third-party apps

If your device doesn’t have built-in features or tools, you can take advantage of third-party apps. These apps are easy to use and allow users to hide certain apps, files, or folders. Nova Launcher is one of the best apps that will enable you to hide apps through simple steps. So, let’s learn how to use it.

Nova Launcher

Many app launchers work on Android devices and let you hide apps. We recommend you to use Nova Launcher, a popular app across the platforms. It is packed with many useful features and works faster. The only problem you can face is that it doesn’t allow you to hide apps on the free version. You will have to use its premium version to hide apps. Paying its prime price provides stock-like features and experience on your device. If you are ready to use Nova Launcher for your ultimate apps’ launcher, follow the below steps.

Download and install Nova Launcher from Google Play Store.

Access your device and open Nova Settings.

Then visit the App drawer and choose Hide apps. After that, pick the apps you want to hide, and you are all set.

If you have to use the apps after hiding, you can do the same by opening the app drawer. Once the app drawer gets open, find the app you want to use and launch it.

If you don’t want to pay for Nova Prime, you can still hide apps using a great alternative to Nova, Apex Launcher. Apex doesn’t charge you anything and lets you hide apps.

Disable the apps

Hiding apps by disabling them from device settings is also an alternative to third-party apps. Please note that you can try this method only with pre-installed apps that come with the device. Apps downloaded from Play Store can’t be disabled. Here are ways to disable system apps.

Go to the Settings app of your device.

Choose Apps & notifications from the available options.

Open the option named See all apps.

Select the app you have to hide.

Hit on Disable by clicking on Disable app.

Hide photos and files on any Android phone

After learning about how to hide apps, the time is to learn how to hide photos and files. You can do the same using third-party apps. Download the below app from the Play Store and follow the steps.

Consider the GalleryVault app

GalleryVault app is designed to hide images and files. You can transfer the files and photos you want to hide in this app. The GalleryVault protects the content through a pin code or fingerprint. This app is free, so it displays ads. Below are the ways to use it.

Download and install it from Google Play Store and create an account.

Open the app. As the app gets open, you will have a button with a + icon in the bottom right corner. Click on it.

Now choose the files or images to hide.

Then click on Add.

Choose the folder to move the selected files.

Go for AppLock

A mobile app like AppLock is the best way to secure images or files without moving them to another location. You can secure the content in the app itself. On the other hand, you can lock any app and protect it with a pin or fingerprint. So, go and download it from the Play Store if you want to use it.

Source: Different Ways To Hide Apps, Photos, And Files On Android Devices


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