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Different Types Of Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Tables And What Makes Them Unique

Different Types Of Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Tables And What Makes Them Unique

By Daniel ClarkPublished 9 months ago 3 min read

The patio is a perfect place to host outdoor dinners. Who doesn’t like dining outdoors, amid fresh air, and enjoying the view of nature? However, especially during winter, you might feel cold after sunset unless you have an outdoor gas fire pit placed on your patio. A built in gas fire pit provides warmth and illuminates your outdoors. Your visitors will love the dancing flames with a bite of delicacy that complements the evening weather. The addition of a propane fire pit table to your patio will outshine the patio’s atmosphere. The table includes a self starting system which is easy to use and ignites in seconds. Other than this, there are different types of table that can secure a good spot on your patio and make it a beautiful place to sit. They are as follows

Wood burning fire pits

A wood burning fire pit provides warmth, the crackle of wood, and real smoke while keeping the fire completely contained. Having this on a patio is like having a campfire in your outdoor space. The wood burning fire pit also have its subtypes which are listed below:

1) Wood burning grill

You can use this burning grill for cooking and grilling. This fire pit has a grill gate attached above the flaming embers.

2) Outdoor fireplace

An outdoor fireplace is an attractive metallic structure with a built-in design that enhances your patio and lights up the surrounding with flames of fire. It is portable and can be taken around anywhere

3) Brick or stone firepit

The making of this firepit includes tough and sturdy materials like stones, bricks and cinder blocks that are out structured in an attractive manner. This fire pit is capable enough to steal the attention of passer-by and is relatively cheaper than other fire pits.

Propane gas fire pits

Propane gas fire pits are the most convenient options among all types of gas fire pits. They are safe and easy to use. The built-in features offer the flexibility in igniting the flames and controlling the temperature of the heat. Most propane fire pits are huge in size as they are designed using faux, rock, pebbles, and glass. The combination of all these materials brings an elegant output that is suitable enough to complement your patio

1) Portable propane fire pit

The propane gas fire pits are naturally convenient, but portable propane gas fire pits offer even more convenience. Not only do they provide warmth, ambience, and cooking capabilities, but is suitable enough to be carried along. Some designs come with wheels while others are lightweight and easy to lift.

2) Copper bowl fire pit

A copper fire pit comes with a longer lifespan along with an attractive copper design. This is because copper generally melts quickly, but such fire pits will serve for a longer period of time and ensure satisfaction.

3) Firepit table

The propane equipped fire pits are safe for children so being a parent you will not worry about their mischiefs. Many propane fire pits have a table-like appearance that is surrounded by a rim.

Natural gas fire pits

If your backyard is spacious enough to accommodate a natural gas line then you might want to consider having a natural gas fire pit in your patio. The gas line can supply the energy to the fire pit permanently which will never create a shortage of fuel.

1) Sunken design

The sunken is a rectangular shaped design that is built down into the patio or ground. This design is available in different sizes. The rectangular fire table has a robust construction that is safe and durable. Some designs are coated with aluminum and stainless steel that are great and weather-resistant.

2) Square, round and tabletop design

The different shapes of this table can be a beautiful addition to your patio. The design can also be modernized using stone, brick, and copper.

These are the types of gas fire pits you will get to see when you explore the fire pit market. Each design has its uniqueness, sturdiness, and capability to enhance the charm of your patio.

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