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Decorate Your House with Vintage and Modern Look Together!

Home Decor Guide

By Tanvi PuniaPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

If you are a person who loves vintage style looks and wants to incorporate them in the modern interior décor, this blog will guide you few tips! It has been a trend plus a very unique attempt to combine both the looks and get a perfect peaceful vibe of the house. This not only looks quite welcoming, but also makes grandparents, or old-age parents quite adjusting.

The following are examples of vintage interior design styles for an apartment, workplace, or home:

• Low-key colors include beige, grey, sand, and cream. Light pink, pastel blue, and soft lilac are all good choices. The construction of a single color gamma – bright, noble, and peaceful – is welcomed by the vintage interior.

• Interior design in the vintage style is both traditional and lovely. It entails the use of antique or artificially aged furnishings and decorations.

• Natural materials, such as wood, stone, and forged pieces, and natural fabrics, are popular in vintage. The interior should appear to have been designed decades ago. It should be in keeping with previous decades' fashion trends.

• Things older than 30 and younger than 60 years are the most popular and have become a classic alternative.

• This is the romantic style: gentle, flowing lines, attractive hues, carefully chosen furniture and decor, as if passed from grandparents – not rubbish, but a legacy.

The room design in Vintage style appears simple and graceful at the same time it lacks classic stylish styles, exotic oriental attractiveness, or futuristic. Abrasion, cracks, and chips create an aura of peace, relaxation, and nostalgia, as well as a cozy lived-in look.

Vintage Features

For individuals who like the exquisite simplicity of vintage antique pieces, from antique furniture to tiny trinkets purchased at the turn of the century, a vintage interior for modern home design is for them. This is the allure of antique furniture and trinkets, the balance of space and light, and creative design, because the apartment, house, or room should be lovely and fashionable, but not cluttered.

Furniture with a Vintage Look

Furniture in the vintage style has a long history. A closet, bedside tables, and coffee tables with drawers and carved handles are examples of vintage furniture. It consists of soft chairs and a sofa with a wooden frame and carved rounded legs. It consists of a gigantic bed with a carved or forged back, as well as a high-backed chair and a big dining table.

Vintage-style textile curtains are lengthy and beautifully draped. They can be embellished with cords of matching clips. Depending on the general home style, they can be fairly bright or rather subdued: plain walls – bright curtains, and vice versa. Curtains might be monophonic or adorned with a flowery motif.

Decoration and Finishing

• There are two sorts of wallpaper for wall decoration: plain low-key tone wallpaper and wallpaper with a catchy enough flower pattern.

• The ceiling could be white (plaster) with minor imperfections or wood with cracks and scratches. The stucco ceiling will have a natural touch to it.

• It is better to have a wooden floor. To match the wallpaper, linoleum must be buried beneath a large carpet.

• Black and white images can be used to decorate walls. Vintage-style ornamentations and paintings in fine wooden carved frames would suffice.

Bottom Line

People who respect the vintage look and understand their importance must go for this décor. It gives an amazing look to the house and gives nostalgia from every corner and every décor piece!

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  • Naveed 3 months ago

    Well done! Keep pushing forward with your excellent work

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