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A craft that's not just your granny's

By Erica WilliamsPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Photo by Karen Penroz on Unsplash

When people hear about crocheting they think it's only for grandmothers . You know the one that you use with two hooks? Wait one? People usually get this confused with Knitting , you use two hooks to get your pattern), but crochet is used for one hook to get any pattern that you want. You can use various colors and types of styles to make a hat , a scarf, baby booties etc. However, people don't know the history of crocheting.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~History Of Crochet~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Crochet was originally , from the source called Crochet Crowd, it was originally from China, with evidence that it was because they made dolls called Amigurumi. ( Still style is most famous especially when someone wants to make their favorite anime character ) Even though the name was derived from Japan. However some are also saying that it was originally from Arabia as well ,but overall it went to many cultures for different purposes to show appreciation, love, for baby showers, for just to help with people's motor skills and so many more to list.

What people don't know is that there are benefits with crocheting. This can benefit from helping people that have an effect of migraines to memory loss. What makes it more therapeutic is that it also helps people with depression or any other mental condition because of repetitive and repeating back and forth motion to help people feel relieved from what it’s causing them to be within that condition that is affecting them. Even though it usually asks for a lot of yarn to complete a project ( or even amount ) with it repeating actions it is super fun .

The reason why I chose this as a reason for why people should do it is because it’s not only fun ,but it’s super helpful for many . From the way , I see on yarn inspirations I know it benefits a lot especially when people have a hard time trying to figure out what to do and what to make to maybe start a friendship , rekindle one or welcoming a new baby or making something homemade because they saw that it looks easy to make something beautiful instead of buying it from the store. Especially Target ( no shade ,but just saying ). It really shows that people see the beauty of it to show the appreciation of making something new where many can share it from generation to generation. I know this is true because when my granny made one she gave it to my mother which was my blanket then she passed it to my aunts for their children . Basically it surely shows how it can help share a story of what and why the blanket etc. was made for when it’s passed on. It helps with people having something within generations. I wish I had pictures of it cause it got lost when my family was moving ,but from memory it was red . I remember having it in my baby pictures and it surely was like it was blessing the family to be successful in life which proves the theory to surely learn to do this.

I believe it can also help with many investigations as well. What people don’t know is that it really does help with a lot of people’s investigations from grasping the evidence from the yarn that was made and also how the fabric in the coil of the yarn grabs the oil or any fluid to help get the criminal that did a crime. I mean it proves it right that it literally can do anything . What makes this more cool is that it helps economically too. Think about it. There’s so many people who make only crochet yarn for people to make scarves etc. to help keep the homeless warm, to also help with reusing yarn to save the planet . The reason why is because of the ego friendly yarn or yarn that they recycled from old clothes to make new yarn. So many ideas to make sure the planet is just fine.

In conclusion, from many places ,cultures and traditions we can benefit a lot with this great skill to help people get out of their condition , can make people have more content to help others to have better therapy in bettering themselves to finally solve that cold case. Think about it . Without this no one can really make anything and I mean anything . I think people should know what and why there’s a reason behind this to get an understanding why your grandma benefit from saving her a trip to survive that war she keeps talking about to people trying to stop being depressed and staying in their bed feeling like there’s no tomorrow for them anymore. This helps so many like me just know that we can make other than surviving or making it day by day. Also that we can make money for people who don’t want to learn either. Yes , so many things riding with this craft called Crochet.

****** This is not my work ,but I surely want to make this ******


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