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Cool Lifehacks That Will Save You Time in the Morning

Mornings are rough for anyone who has to deal with getting to work at a specific time and rush hour traffic on the way. The best lifehacks that will save you time in the morning help make your routine a little easier.

By Morgan E. WestlingPublished 5 years ago 6 min read

The saying "Rise and shine" doesn't apply to just anybody. Mornings can be the toughest time of the day for many people. The majority of us who are getting up early to head to corporate jobs are not getting the recommended eight hours of sleep each night, because in reality, we haven’t set up a great schedule at night that keeps our sleep cycle steady or helps us to start the day in a calm state of mind. Every morning, we long to hit that snooze button, roll over, and get just five more minutes of sleep. However, you can master the morning routine and make it less miserable if you use lifehacks that will save you time in the morning.

Many of the lifehacks that will save you time in the morning are going to be things you can do the night before instead. If you spend time at night, even just 15 minutes, organizing your life for the next day, you’ll be so relieved when you wake up and notice that half of your morning routine has been eliminated. One of the things you can do to save time before you leave the house is to pack your lunch the night before. Making a sandwich, putting snacks into Ziploc bags, and packing all of this into your lunchbox can add 15 minutes or more to your morning routine. That’s a lot of time you could be spending in your bed in the morning! Pack your lunch at night and get that extra sleep.

While setting out your clothes may not take as long as packing your lunch, depending on the person and the job, picking out your outfit can add a long time to your morning routine. By setting out your clothes the night before, you’ll be able to jump out of bed easily and throw your clothes on without putting thought into what you’re wearing. You’ll already know that your outfit is appropriate for the work day, because you will have put the thought in the night before. This is one of the best lifehacks that will save you time in the morning.

If you are the type of the person that has to shower in the morning, whether to feel fresh for the day or just to wake up and boost your energy level, one lifehack that will save you time in the morning is to brush your teeth while in the shower. Because you’re using water for both activities, there’s no reason why you should hop out of the shower, dry off, and then proceed to turn on the faucet and brush your teeth. These are minutes you're wasting when you could spend time doing both activities at once. Use those first few minutes where you’re in the shower waking up to also get those teeth clean.

Taking your breakfast to-go is one of the smartest lifehacks that will save you time in the morning, whether that be breakfast you've meal prepped or a frozen meal to heat up at work. Making breakfast at home and sitting down to eat it will take you at least half an hour. Also, waiting in a drive thru line to get your breakfast from Starbucks or McDonald’s will also take you a lot more time than it would if you found to-go alternatives. Thankfully, companies have thought this through and there are many great options for to-go breakfast. Oatmeal, granola, waffles, and more. You can still get a nutritious breakfast while saving time.

In the world of technology, many people have a habit of lying in bed in the morning and spending time checking social media or emails. This will not save time. A great lifehack that will save you time in the morning is to place your phone far away from your bed, so that you can’t check it before getting out of bed. That way, you’ll have to jump out of bed to turn off your alarm, and you’ll already be up and ready to start your day and your morning routine. Wait to check your phone once you’re at the office and before you begin work.

One great lifehack that will save you time in the morning is to set an alarm that starts your day with upbeat and positive music. Waking up to music that you enjoy, instead of incessant beeps can help you to become a morning person. You'll feel ready to jump out of bed and begin your morning routine quickly, and perhaps with a more positive outlook. If you start your day in silence, you may be ready to crawl right back into bed and go back to sleep, but if upbeat music is playing, you’ll have no choice but to wake up, increase your energy level, and get ready for the day ahead.

Packing your work or gym bag the night before (or whatever items you need for the day) is a great way to stay organized and save time in your morning routine. Sometimes, at night, you may have your items scattered everywhere like your planner, your laptop, your chargers, or your gym clothes and tennis shoes. By packing these items up the night before, you’ll be able to grab them and go in the morning, save time, and be sure that you’re prepared for the day. If you pack in the morning, you may not have as clear of a mind. You’ll be more likely to forget things because you’re in a rush. Stick to nighttime preparation for this reason.

An excellent lifehack that will save you time in the morning is to drink a large glass of cold water right when you wake up. When you drink a glass of water in the morning, your metabolism starts up and your energy levels will begin to increase. This is a signal to your body that the day is beginning and your sleep cycle is over. Try doing this every day for both productivity and health purposes.

Setting an alarm before your alarm can be a great way to wake up in the morning at the right time as opposed to hitting that snooze button. This is one of the best lifehacks that will save you time in the morning because that first alarm will wake you up halfway, but it will let you feel like you get to sleep in. In reality, you’re just waking yourself up earlier than usual, so that you get the experience of sleeping. Then, when your real alarm hits, you’ll be more ready to jump out of bed.

The best way to save time in the morning is simply to wake up earlier. While no one wants to wake up earlier, this lifehacks that will save you time in the morning will help if you find yourself constantly rushed or always late for work, try adding just 15 minutes to your morning routine. Eventually, your body will get used to it and your quality of life will improve because you won’t start your day with so much stress.

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  • Aaron Hubermanabout a year ago

    Anything to give me a few extra minutes in bed in the morning! Thanks!

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