Best PC Tune-up Software For Windows PC

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Speed UP Your System with these best tuneup utilities for windows 10

Best PC Tune-up Software For Windows PC

Confused about which tune utilities should you consider for your Windows 10 PC? I can totally understand the feeling. There are tons of programs out there that boast about being the best in every aspect and ever in history but are they really? A single computer can cost a fortune especially if that computer is responsible for making a fortune for you. So one can not just put anything and everything he finds in the market, in his computer. If he does, then he will probably end up getting his system crashed. A few minutes of investment from your side to your computer can help save your hard work and all the data that you are dealing with.

These tuneup utilities for windows 10 can do wonders and can give the boost that your PC needs. So here are some of the best PC tuneup software you can choose from. Have a look.

Best PC Tune-up Software For Windows 10:

1. Advanced System Optimizer

First on our list of best PC tuneup software is Advanced System Optimizer. One of the best and most popular tuneup utility software that is being used in the market. Advanced System Optimizer is one software that will definitely give you ease of operation through its simple user interface and powerful tools.

Disk fragmentation, security checkup, internet tracer, registry cleaner, etc are some of its popular applications. Can also be used as a one stop application for updating most of your computer drivers, avoiding system crashes and performance issues. It works with almost all the in-market versions of Windows and also has a trial version available for you to check all its amazing features out.

2. AVG TuneUp

Coming from the house of AVG is AVG TuneUp tuneup utility. It cleans up unnecessary files and also helps in improving the system's performance. It has a unique sleep mode which can put your unused applications to a locked-in state so that they don’t eat up the memory unnecessarily and provide you with more system resources to work with. It has regular updates to keep your computer up and running.

AVG provides ease of operation, so you can use a single license on all the computers in your home, isn’t that great? It can also work as a disk cleanup with the abilities to also clean browser history and cache. And if you feel like checking out log files of any previous optimization activities, you can easily get the logs as AVG TuneUp saves up all of it.

3. Symantec Norton Utilities

Third on our list is Norton Utilities from Symantec. One of the best in industries and backed up by a strong brand name. Norton Utilities has been around for sometime and has a proven track record. A simple UI, power tools and professionally bifurcated design, all of this pushes it to the top in the list. It has a separate section which displays how the third-party applications are working, Storage and memory management status.

Norton Utilities can also be used as a recovery and backup tool. It also records registries, cache and histories generated by web browsers.

4. Ashampoo WinOptimizer

Ashampoo WinOptimizer is another great tuneup utility in our list of recommendations. So what’s different about this optimizer? You can manually set up the performance standards and can make the application put on a strict check. For example, if you are going to be gaming and want heavy performance then you can set it and it will help minimize memory usage by other applications. It can also be used to remove junk files sitting idle and uselessly in your system. And not only that you can also use it to clean browser cache, making your internet surfing experience a better one.

Not only from the performance perspective but also from the angle of security, Ashampoo WinOptimizer is a great application. It features a special encryption tool which can be used to secure your files and data so that you can rest assured about its privacy and security.

5. Piriform CCleaner Tuneup Utilities

Last but not least, Piriform CCleaner Tuneup Utilities has been in the market for quite long. It has been keeping up its name through continuous performance and timely updates. It is compatible with most of the browsers and can work with them to remove history and unwanted junk. It has an effective registry fixer which can also clean unwanted and incorrect registry entries. It can be used with almost all the current versions of windows and can be downloaded in 55 languages. It is also hailed as one of the most downloaded and widely tuneup utilities with more than 2.5 billion downloads. It also has a trial and a premium version. The paid version can be used as an efficient tool for real time protection and can also be used to schedule regular and deep computer scans.

So these were some of the best PC tune-up software that I wanted to share with you. These programs are some of the most loved and highly efficient applications which are known to actually do the job. The best part is, all these applications are quite small and lightweight and were designed keeping in mind that they themselves don’t put on any or minimal pressure on the PC.

Hope it helps.

Thanks for reading!

Janny Thomas
Janny Thomas
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