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Best Hospital in Chennai | Vihaa Multi-speciality hospital | Anna nagar hospital

Multi speciality hospital in chennai

By Vihaa HospitalPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Best hsopital in chennai

1.Advanced Technology: Vihaa Multispeciality Hospital Anna Nagar is equipped with the latest cutting edge technology, making it one of the best hospitals in Chennai. The hospital offers a wide range of treatments ranging from preventive care to complex surgeries. It has state-of-the-art surgical suites, intensive care units, radiology departments and laboratory services.

2. Highly Experienced Staff: Vihaa super speciality hospital of chennai prides itself on having some of the most experienced medical professionals in the region. Its team of specialists includes doctors, nurses and other healthcare personnel who can provide holistic patient care and top-notch services.

3. World-Class Facilities: Vihaa Multispeciality Hospital Anna Nagar has a variety of world-class facilities that are designed to ensure a comfortable experience for the patients and their families. These include 24 hour emergency care, an ICU unit, private rooms with all modern amenities, and special service areas like physiotherapy, nutrition counseling and more.

4. Comprehensive Care Services: This hospital provides comprehensive services to its patients – right from diagnosis to postoperative care. For instance, it has a dedicated team foroncology treatments and also provides minimally invasive procedures such as lap surgery and robotic surgery. In addition, they have special divisions focusing on respiratory health, cardiology as well as maternity services which include pre/post natal care.

5 . Cost Effective Treatments :Vihaa Multispeciality Hospital in chennai renders its treatments at competitive prices compared to other top hospitals in the city making them an ideal choice for those looking for quality healthcare at an affordable cost..

6 . Tailored Treatment Plans :Vihaa Multispeciality Hospital Anna Nagar ensures each patient receives individualized attention by providing tailored treatment plans for every case available addressing their specific medical needs within their unique budget .

7 . Compassionate Care :The team at Vihaaa Multspecialty Hospital AnnaNagar is committed to providiny compassionate and personalized healthcare while delivering quality services with dignity and respect making it one of the top hospitals in Chennai

8.Orthopedic Treatments – Vihaa Multispeciality Hospital is well equipped with the latest technology and experienced orthopedic surgeons in india who provide specialized orthopedic treatments including joint replacement, arthroscopy (minimally invasive treatment) of the knee and shoulder, spinal surgery and sports medicine.

9. Gynecology Services – From advanced laparoscopic surgeries to robotic-assisted minimally invasive procedures and high-risk pregnancies, Vihaa provides best gynaecologist in chennai anna nagar with comprehensive gynecological services under one roof. We have specialized clinics for infertility treatments as well as a separate antenatal clinic with one-stop solutions for all your needs.

10. Maternity Care – Our staff will ensure that you receive safe and healthy delivery during your pregnancy journey by providing personalized care throughout the process such as dietary advice, counseling for pregnant women, regular check-ups, exercise programs etc.

11. General Surgeries– Various general surgical procedures are offered at chennai famous hospital Vihaa hospital such as laparoscopic gall bladder removal, hernia repairs, appendectomies and endoscopies to name a few. We also offer various cosmetic surgeries in india including liposuction and abdominoplasty to enhance your looks.

12. Endocrinology Tests– Our endocrinology experts are well trained in conducting various tests such as blood glucose tests for diabetes diagnosis or formulating hormone replacement therapy plans based on lifestyle changes or medical treatments required due to hormonal imbalance or thyroid issues detected through the tests conducted by the endocrinologists at the chennai super speciality hospital.

13. Infectious Disease Treatment – The experienced team of doctors at Vihaa hospital at chennai can diagnose treat common bacterial infections caused by different virus or microorganisms such HIV/AIDS along with other infectious diseases like tuberculosis thanks to the state of art lab set up within our walls which can conduct infection identification quickly thus allowing us provide timely treatment reducing complication chances if any in the course of recovery leading to better outcomes for patients concern about their health conditions related to infectious diseases we specialize in treating them all here at our facility

14. Outpatient Department - Our outpatient department offers excellent quality healthcare services across our multiple speciality departments providing ambulatory care services where needed necessary medical care expedited right away keeping had wait times very low enhancing patient experience while being treated here at our facility while also offering remote consultations worldwide via telemedicine platforms connecting best specialists from around globe


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