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Bed Bugs Treatment By Ultima Search: Beyond The Mattress

Bedbugs are often tough to get rid of, so you may need to try a few different approaches to kill them all.

By iDigitize Infotech LLPPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Bedbugs are often tough to get rid of, so you may need to try a few different approaches to kill them all. Once you identify and contain all infested areas, you can combine chemical and non-chemical treatments to kill the bugs. Bedbugs measure just 5 millimeters across, which is smaller than a pencil eraser. These bugs are smart and tough, and they reproduce quickly. Bedbugs know where to hide to avoid detection and can live for months between meals. A female can lay 500 eggs in her lifetime. It’s no surprise that these tiny bloodsuckers can cause a lot of trouble in your home. If they get into bed with you, they can leave red, itchy welts all over your body.

Read On For A Step-By-Step Guide On Getting Rid Of Bedbugs.

a. Identify all infested areas

If you’ve got bedbugs, you want to find them early before they start to reproduce. It’s much easier and cheaper to treat a small infestation than a big one. But smaller infestations can be harder to detect. Search for bedbugs yourself or hire a professional to do an inspection. Some inspectors use specially trained dogs to hunt down bedbugs by scent. Bedbugs’ small and narrow bodies enable them to squeeze into tiny spots, like the seams of a mattress or couch and the folds of curtains.

b. Contain the infestation

Once you know you have bedbugs, you need to keep them contained so you can get rid of them. A quick and easy way to trap bedbugs is with your vacuum. Run the vacuum over any possible hiding places. Seal up the vacuumed contents into a plastic bag and throw it away. Then thoroughly clean out the vacuum. Seal up all your linens and affected clothes in plastic bags until you can wash them. Then put them on the highest possible temperature setting in a washer and dryer. If an item cannot be washed, put it in the dryer for 30 minutes at the highest heat setting.

c. Prep for bedbug treatment

Before you start treating your home, do a little prep work to maximize your odds of success. Move your bed at least 6 inches away from the wall so bedbugs cannot climb on. Make sure all your linens, carpets, drapes, clothing, and other hiding places have been cleaned or thrown out.

d. Evaluate and prevent future bedbugs

Bedbugs can take some time to wipe out. Before you can ensure that your treatment has worked, you need proof that the bugs have moved on. Check the infested areas about once every 7 days for signs of activity. To make surviving bedbugs easier to spot, place bedbug interceptors under each leg of the bed. These devices will trap bedbugs before they can climb up into your bed. You may need to keep checking the interceptors for a full year. Bedbugs are hardy creatures. Just when you think you’ve wiped them out, you might spot them again. You may have to try a few different treatment methods to control the infestation. And if they still do not go away, you’ll want to call in a professional exterminator.

e. Get the pros involved

If you cannot wipe out bedbugs on your own, it’s time to get the pros involved. Pest control companies have the advantage of using chemicals and other treatments that are not available to you. They have insecticides that both kill bugs on contact and that stay inside furniture and cracks to kill bedbugs in the long term. Pest control companies can also use whole-room heat treatments. They bring in special equipment that heats up the room to a temperature between 135 and 145°F (57.22 and 62.78°C) — high enough to kill bedbugs.

Bug Stop bole Bed Bugs ko Bye Bye

Bed bug pest control and the most effective bed bugs bed bug treatment using bug stop are easily available to you with an operator that you can trust both in terms of legacy and longevity as well as much-needed effectiveness. Don’t allow your precious night’s sleep to be compromised by these irritating pests. Instead of getting bitten use Ultima Search’s line of Bug Stop bed bug products to ensure that there isn’t one in sight when it’s time for you to enjoy a restful snooze.

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