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Be your Creator.

A guide to Self-discovery.

By Sandeep SahooPublished 29 days ago 4 min read
Be your Creator.
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Learning new skills, habits, attitudes, and behaviour helps to become a self-creator.

But, it is all about Mindset. Your mind is a powerful weapon playing a vital role in it. It needs creating good habits, consistency, positive thoughts, focus and self-discipline.

Self-creation or self-growth is essential for everyone. It creates personal growth, confidence, and status. Also, expand your inner abilities.

Here are the best experimental strategies that help you to become a Self-creator. These strategies will guide you to Self-discovery.

Be a self-believer

Believing in yourself can create and make a better life and build personal power. Self-belief makes you capable of getting out of your fear and failure.

If you are looking for How to believe? Then, paste your unhealthy questions into the bin and delete your negative thoughts.

It is necessary to think. If you do not believe you can do then who else will believe you?

Fill your inner voice with positivity. Sometimes, you have to act positively to get positive results. And create a positive attitude.

The miracle will happen when you start believing in yourself. Self-belief creates self-confidence, which will grow further. After that, you can build a positive mental attitude.

Create self-value

When you are creating your self-value, you are developing yourself. If you wonder, there are different keys you have to build your self-worth or create your self-value.

Such as, you can build good habits, read books, practice good behaviour, and gain knowledge from your environment and experience.

Create self-value

Also, you can add on good health practices such as eating healthy foods and exercising.

It will not only increase your self-worth but also good mental health. When you are practising self-value, you have to adopt some self-worth activities.

Here are a few activities that will help you in developing self-value:

  • Self-love
  • Prepare and practice the dish.
  • Think from your side.
  • Continues your motivation.

Remind your thoughts

Reminding your thoughts creates reality. Yes, it happens. You have to believe in yourself.

In other words, it is the principle of the Law of attraction. It attracts real-life experiences and corresponding circumstances from your thoughts.

Your subconscious mind creates almost 90% of your thoughts. The subconscious mind creates positive energy and sends it to the universe.

When you prepare for abundant mindsets and positive goals, it creates a vibration in your mind. These thoughts transform into reality and opportunities.

You can say that everything you face and experience in your life is the outcome of your thoughts. You created it in your mind. It is known as manifestation.

Here are a few steps for manifesting your dreams:

  • Create a vivid picture of goals in your mind. It is visualising your goals.
  • Make pure intentions and clarify them towards your dream.
  • Take action and seek opportunities to bring your thoughts into real life.
  • Practice gratitude and regularly affirm with positive thoughts.
  • Be positive. Manifestation requires positive activities and nourishment for dream transformation.

I am not good enough.

In some situations, you have all felt "I am not good enough" in life. Maybe you feel like you will never pass your exam, get success in life, attract a good partner, or never get the dream life you want to live.

These types of thoughts are unfair comparisons that make you feel unworthy. These types of low-esteem thoughts are against your self-love.

Telling yourself what a failure you are would not make you any more successful.

Telling yourself you are worthless and invaluable would not make you feel any more worthy.

These negative thoughts would not help you to achieve success and self-growth and would not add value to your life.

Rather than making these annoying thoughts, think you are enough just as you are. Start loving yourself. Self-love will change your mind and have the power to change your life.

Instead of creating negative thoughts, it is time for value addition in your life.

Here are the steps you can follow to overcome negativities:

  • Start reading self-help books.
  • Know about people's autobiographies who have survived greater tribulations than yours.
  • Connect yourself with positive mindset people who love you the way you are.
  • Practice gratitude and believe you can make your life better.
  • Practice self-growth and continuous learning. Just throw yourself into building up a new skill.
  • Bring your mind to peace. Just think you are unique and capable of growth in life.

Practice forgiveness

By Alex Shute on Unsplash

Forgiveness means letting go of your angry feelings, tension, ego, attitude and arrogance towards someone who hurt you or any other situation.

Forgiveness helps you in replacing them with positive feelings and thoughts. Forgiveness is also a part of the Law of attraction.

Forgiveness also helps you in health improvement and to bring peace of mind. Here are the benefits that forgiveness can lead to.

  • Improve mental health.
    • Calm down your depression.
  • Less anxiety, stress and hostility.
  • Bring peace to your life.
  • Control your unfair thoughts.
  • Build self-confidence.
  • Keep you, reach out of anger.

Forgiveness is essential for maintaining and repairing relationships. It will create a peaceful life. But sometimes, you feel demotivated while practising forgiveness. Sometimes, you struggle to forgive yourself and to get the forgiveness you want.

Thank you. I hope it will help you a lot.


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