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Be careful

Careful history

By WAQAS AHMADPublished 8 months ago 3 min read
Be careful
Photo by Felipe Souza on Unsplash

When little animals must cross a river, they move fast through it. However, an elephant moves slowly with each step when crossing a river as opposed to quickly. He advances cautiously. This distinction results from the absence of risk to small animals. Their light bodies may readily move through the soft and hard dirt that is present beneath the water. However, elephants are extraordinarily huge animals.

There is a danger for him that if the soil below is soft and sinks in his feet, it will be difficult for him to get out. The surface is strong, it does not move forward. When he moves on, he is not fully satisfied. He tries the softness before the light step. And when it feels like taking it, put it firmly on it and push it forward.

Who taught this method to the elephant? The answer is God. This means that this method of the elephant has divine approval. It is as if life is a lesson taught by God that if there is any fear of danger on the way, one should not walk in the same way as one goes on a path without danger, but every step should be taken care of while assessing the strength of the "earth". be increased.

God has given man more intelligence than an elephant. A man does not burn his clothes where there are gunpowder stocks. Its driver does not carelessly shunt it. But this principle is often forgotten in social life. There are different kinds of people in every society and they create different kinds of situations. Somewhere in society there is a "swamp" and somewhere "petrol", somewhere there is a "thorn" and somewhere a pit. The wise person is the one who avoids such social opportunities and does not get confused by it and lose his way.

A man who has a goal in front of him will never be confused by the unpleasantness of the path. Because he knows that to mess with them is to distract himself from his purpose. He keeps an eye on permanent results and not temporary actions. He sees things in relation to reality and not in relation to personal desires.

A person who does not have any goal in front of him is engaged in useless activities and cannot recognize the reality. Living or not living is the same for such a person. A person who has not made the goal of his life always interferes in the affairs of others and tries to achieve the goal he has made.

He does this because he has some of his own There is no purpose. Such a person cannot determine any direction in his whole life. Such a person considers the purpose of this society as a burden on him.

If there is a clear goal in front of a person, this is what happens to him. But when a man's life is devoid of purpose, his time has no value in his eyes. He starts judging himself by the opinion of others instead of his own opinion. It continues to be the object of splendor in formal gatherings and events. Instead of living for himself, he begins to live for others. Even as he matures, a seemingly busy life comes to an end, leaving him with nothing but an empty life. There is no capital.

"The Life span at my disposal does not leave any time for symbolic encounters."

Action is really related to passion and not to health and strength.

If the fire of a work ignites in a man, he does it in any situation. Even if he is on the bed of illness, even if his external conditions do not allow it in any way"


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