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Art Journalling: A Visual Diary

by Ali Brown 4 years ago in how to
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Why should you, and how do you start?

When I was little, I used to keep a 'diary.' You know, one of those ones with the lock and key with Disney princesses on the front cover that you'd get at your local Dollar Store? When I got older, I kept a journal, similar idea, but at this point it was probably just a floral journal since I had grown out of the whole obsessed with princess’s phase. Now, after endless tries and failures of journaling, I have moved on to a 'Visual Diary' or as I like to call it, my Art Journal. And this choice has improved my everyday life greatly. In this post I will explain why to keep an art journal, when to art journal, and what you can put in it.

So, why keep an art journal?

Well, why not? Art Journaling is an excellent way to keep track of memories, favourite quotes, poems, concert tickets. Whatever you please, with a creative twist. Unlike a diary, or memory box, art journaling puts it all into one personal place.

Need to-jot lists? Document it. Went out for coffee with a friend? Document it. Went to a movie? Document it. Need to get out emotions and a rant? Document it.

That's a big part of art journaling; Documentation.

So, want to start an art journal now? Or are you lost as to what to include?

Read on for my tips...

How often should I art journal?

Daily. If you absolutely cannot find time, every other day. Make it a habit, make it routine, set up time to 'Art Journal, to create.

What can I art journal in?

You can try out art journaling in a basic sketchbook from your local craft store. Or, you can even alter an old book you have. Or, purchase a 'vintage' book from your local thrift store to work with.

How do I get inspiration?

How will you get inspired for your art journal? What if you didn't do anything exciting in the day and don't have anything to document? Well, my favourite tips for an art block/inspiration block is collage and Tumblr. Now don't go on Tumblr and just copy any old image you see. I mean you could, but make this journal YOURS. Take inspiration from images. Add some quotes and poems from your dashboard/searches to your journal. Collage. Collect receipts and use your OWN mind and own feelings, put them down on paper!

Bonus Tip: There are tons of 'art journal flip throughs' if you search on YouTube.

What kind of things can I do to make my journal my own?

There are endless possibilities when it comes to what you can do to make your journal your own.

My favourite thing to do in my journal is collage. When it comes to a collage, I always search my local thrift stores for National Geographic, Vintage Books, Astronomy magazines, etc. And also, search for 'vintage paper packs' on Etsy! Trust me, you will NOT be disappointed.

Another favourite is integrating quotes or even poems that you enjoy. Make a spread based on one of these.

Other Things You Can Use/Do in Your Journal:

  • Washi Tape
  • Letter Stickers (Dollar Store is your best friend)
  • Tissue Paper
  • Watercolours
  • Receipts
  • Concert Tickets
  • Pressed Flowers
  • Letters
  • Dead Pen (write with a dead pen and go over it with pencil crayon/graphite for a cool effect)
  • Envelopes
  • Coloured Paper
  • Magazine Clippings
  • Grid Paper
  • Free Writing (Write what your feeling. Rant. Whatever you would like! After all, It's YOUR journal)
  • Gel Pens
  • Fineliners
  • Stickers

So, go on! Create!

Happy Journaling! Stay Creative!


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About the author

Ali Brown

Ali is 18 years old and resides in Ontario , Canada. She is currently attending college for Visual And Creative Arts and writes in her spare time.

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