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Aroma Artisans: Creating the Perfect Perfume for Kids

Fun and Educational Aspects of Perfume Kits

By Kate BrownellPublished about a month ago 5 min read

In this competitive day and age, we have found that every parent is cracking their head about providing their kids with the best education possible. However, it is also important to incorporate play into your tiny tot’s education as it intersects learning with creativity and expands your kid's horizons. This is where perfume-making kits come in. Imagine your little one, a budding scent detective, concocting their unique fragrances using a perfume making kit and exploring a new world of sensory explosion! This engages their senses through hands-on experience, fosters confidence, and sparks their imagination. Let’s find out more about how these bottles of sensory magic are perfect for your kids!

The Magic of Personalised Scents

Experimenting with scents and creating their signature smells is a fun and fulfilling task for children. With a create your own perfume kit, children can experiment with different types of fragrances, as well as discover how each note intermingles with one another to make the final product that they desire. These perfume kits come in a wide range of fragrances including smores, chocolate biscuits, cotton candy, candy banana, gingerbread, and many more to suit the unique preferences of different kids. They also come with tools including:

  1. The preferred scent
  2. A perfume bottle to store the scent
  3. A reusable box (kids can collect different boxes that come with different scents to build their own village)

All your little one has to do is follow the instructions and mix the scent in the perfume bottle with water for a perfect blend. Different scents can also be mixed to create a unique blend. These kits are aimed specifically at children, therefore, the fragrances included are appropriate for their age and are also non-hazardous.

But why personalised scents?

According to child neuropsychologists, aromas can prime your child’s brain for learning via mindfulness. The right scent can put your young one in the right state of mind for learning. A soothing or familiar scent can ease their anxiety while a scent that reminds them of nature can inspire them to spend more time playing in nature. Personalised aromas have the power to evoke strong emotions and trigger vivid memories, making them an ideal activity for enhancing children’s experiences in a living enactment of the story of their lives.

Fun and Educational Aspects of Perfume Kits

These kids' perfumes are more than just things to play with for your kids, rather, they are an extremely useful educational tool for young minds with numerous benefits. Here are a few:

Sensory Exploration

It is natural for every child to be curious about the things or environments around them. In fact, children use their senses to understand and make sense of the world around them. A perfume making kit can be an effective teaching aid. This is because smell is one of the basic forms of children’s sensory perception. While playing with the kit and experimenting with the different fragrances, they can recognise as well as distinguish between different smells.

Creativity and Imagination

Perfume making is a unique craft that allows kids to explore their creative minds and give wings to their imagination. We believe that nurturing the power of imagination is vital for children. This is why, even though these kits are simple enough to make with just adding water, it leaves a lot of room for creativity where your kids can mix different scents to create a new and unique scent of their own. This process stimulates their imagination, allowing them to think outside the box and come up with innovative combinations. Your little ones can also pair these kits with play makeup set for imaginative role-playing.

Confidence Building

Crafting from scratch builds confidence in kids. The perfume-making kits are easy to make, so when your kids finish making their own perfume, they can gain a sense of accomplishment, boosting their confidence. This sense of achievement teaches them that they can create something beautiful with their own hands. This shows kids how to strive for and appreciate their own efforts.

Learning Through Play

Perfume kits often come with educational materials that teach kids about the science of scents. They learn about essential oils, the origins of different fragrances, and even the basics of scent layering. This knowledge is not only interesting but also educational, helping children understand the world of perfumery in a fun and engaging way.

Age Appropriate Fragrances

Scents are indeed one of the most creative and fun ways to learn for kids, but, if your kid is someone who loves perfumes, you need to watch out for harmful substances to ensure it's safe for them. You should choose perfume-making kits that are made with the needs of kids in mind. We understand that children have delicate skin and developing senses, so kids’ perfume kits have only ingredients that are completely safe for them, which ensures that the tiny tots can have an enjoyable experience with no risks of accidents.

Here’s what makes our scents age-appropriate:

Non-Toxic Ingredients: The scents you choose should be non-toxic so they do not harm the sensitive skin of children.

Hypoallergenic Formula: The ingredients used in your cosen perfume kits should be hypoallergenic, so there are minimal chances of breaking out or rashes from these. However, it is always advisable to do a patch test before use.

Mild and Pleasant Scent: Kids have developing senses, so they might get irritated with scents that are too strong. Only buy scents that are mild yet pleasant, giving them an enjoyable experience.

Easy to Use: Select kits that are designed for kids and make sure not to buy kits that are too complicated. The best options are those where kids can make their scents and play with them simply by adding water.

Things to Remember

  • Make sure your kid is old enough to play with the kit. These kits are mostly meant for ages 5+ so keep away from younger kids.
  • Even though most kids’ scents are hypoallergenic, there might be ingredients that your kid may be allergic to, so always check the ingredient list first.
  • Do a patch test first. The scents are mostly safe for kids, but doing a patch test ensures no unwanted accidents and rashes.
  • Do not use the scents on broken or irritated skin. Kids’ skin is sensitive, so applying scents to broken skin may irritate the skin more.
  • If any kind of sensitivity or irritation occurs after the use of the scent, stop the use immediately and seek a medical professional’s help if necessary.


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