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Are soundproofing mats safe for health?

Soundproofing mats are generally safe for health, provided they are used as intended and come from reputable manufacturers.

By JacekMataPublished 27 days ago 3 min read

Car soundproofing mats are commonly used to reduce noise entering the vehicle interior. They are installed in various places such as doors, roof, floor, trunk and engine compartment. The question about their health safety is understandable, especially considering that these materials can be exposed to high temperatures and may be in contact with car users for a long time.

Types of materials used for soundproofing

Butyl mats

Butyl mats are one of the most frequently used materials for soundproofing. Butyl is a synthetic rubber that is very effective at damping vibrations. It is resistant to high temperatures, does not absorb water and does not emit harmful substances under normal conditions of use. Butyl is considered a material safe for health, but like any synthetic material, it may emit small amounts of volatile compounds immediately after installation. Therefore, it is recommended to ventilate the car well after installing butyl mats.

Acoustic foams

Acoustic foams are also commonly used to soundproof cars. They are most often made of polyurethane, polyethylene or melamine. These materials are generally safe for health, but it is worth making sure that the foam does not contain harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, which can be used as a flame retardant. Good quality acoustic foams should not emit harmful gases, especially if they are intended for use in vehicles.

Bituminous mats

Bituminous mats were popular in the past, but are now less used due to the advent of more advanced materials. Bitumen may contain substances that can emit harmful fumes when exposed to high temperatures. However, modern bituminous mats are more advanced and designed to be safe under normal use conditions. Nevertheless, it is recommended to be careful and choose products from reputable manufacturers.

Thermal insulation mats

Thermal insulation mats, such as rubber foam, are used not only for soundproofing, but also for thermal insulation. They are designed to withstand high temperatures and do not emit harmful substances. These materials are generally safe provided they are used according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Safe use of soundproofing mats

Selection of reputable manufacturers

One of the most important aspects of ensuring safety is choosing products from reputable manufacturers. Companies such as Dynamat, STP (Standartplast), and Bitmat have good reputations and produce mats in accordance with safety standards. These products are often tested for safety and meet requirements regarding emissions of harmful substances.

Installation of soundproofing mats

Correct installation of soundproofing mats is crucial to ensuring safety. Please follow the manufacturer's instructions to avoid mistakes that may lead to the release of harmful substances. It is worth using appropriate adhesives and mounting agents that are safe and intended for use in cars.


After installing the soundproofing mats, it is worth ventilating the car well. This is especially important for new installations because the materials may emit small amounts of volatile compounds immediately after installation. A well-ventilated car will allow any fumes to be quickly removed and ensure a safe environment inside the vehicle.

Regular checking

Regularly checking the condition of soundproofing mats is also important. High temperatures and prolonged use can affect materials, causing them to degrade. It is worth monitoring whether the mats are not damaged and whether they do not emit unpleasant odors that may indicate potential problems.


Soundproofing mats used in cars are generally safe for health, provided they are used as intended and come from reputable manufacturers. Butyl, acoustic foams and modern bituminous mats are designed to minimize the risk of releasing harmful substances. Correct installation, ventilation after installation and regular checking of the condition of the mats are key to ensuring safe use. By choosing products with appropriate quality and safety certificates, you can minimize health risks and enjoy a quieter and more comfortable car interior.

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