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Accentuate your windows with your own window clings and customized designs and templates

by Trudy Seeger about a year ago in house
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Accentuate your windows with your own window clings and customized designs and templates

Window clings are a great way to bedeck your windows for the festive season, holidays, or any other occasion. You can easily peel them off, replace or rearrange them. Unfortunately, the ones you find in stores, don’t have enough design varieties. Additionally, they can be quite costly.

Totally adjustable and effectively repositionable, window sticks are intended for introducing on windows in under a moment. Produced using optically clear vinyl material, clear window sticks are intended to flawlessly grandstand logos, text styles, and plans without untidy glue. No glue, no issue. Window sticks are intended for non-cement applications while giving a protected 'stick' to the window, making for simple situations, evacuation, and repositioning or re-use. Sticks look best when tiny textual styles and sizes (nothing more modest than 3"x3") are maintained a strategic distance from. Custom window sticks can be shown on glass, metal, plastic, or some other non-permeable surface for transitory or long-haul use. They are additionally normally called clear static sticks or static window sticks.

You can, however, make your own clings at a fraction of the total cost. If you have kids, make beautiful gel window clings as they are a lot safer than the readymade ones you find in shops.

• Use puff paint for making a pattern. You can a dark-ink pen for drawing simple design on a paper.

• You can also take inspiration from a design on the internet and print it, or cut a page from a coloring book.

• A black pen is the best bet, but any other dark color will suffice. You can tape a parchment paper sheet over your template. In case you don’t have the paper, you can use wax.

• If you don’t have wax paper or parchment paper, just tuck the concerned design into a zippered, plastic bag.

• Use the same puff paint for outlining your design. Many people give it labels, such as 3D paint or puffy paint.

• The fourth step is to create your designs by making numerous thick lines. You can then implement your puff paint bottle’s pit to distribute them.

Using MOD podge

Gel window clings have an open secret. You need to ensure that your surface is non-sticky. Many people use Gallery glass, silicone maters, clear page protectors, and wax paper. You can try a variety of window clings on various non-stick surfaces to see which one works best.

• You need minimal supplies. Gather a Mod Podge Gloss, Apple Barrel or Folk Art paint of your favorite color, die cutter, hole punch, a craft knife, paintbrush, scraper, and a spreader or palette knife.

• You can lay down the page protector or leading blank down on the surface. Pour the concerned Mod Podge into a leading blank.

• The paint needs squeezing. Stir the paint with a brush for consistency. Spread the podge on the leading black.

• Keep the paint mess outside to dry overnight. A scrapy-doo implement can come handy for lifting the podge.

Customizing your clings

Window clings are the best way to bolster your windows for any memorable occasions. You can make them with fabric paint as well. The basic requirements are clear page protectors, colored fabric paints, toothpicks, your coveted pattern or picture, paper towels, and cotton swabs.

• Draw the stuff or pattern to begin with. Make sure it’s a simple drawing with minimum fine detailing.

• You can customize coloring books as fashionable stickers. Place the pattern or drawing on the protector. It safeguards the artwork from the fabric paint.

• Take a proper paint for outlining your pattern. Hold the paint tight and in a vertical position.

• Next, trace the pattern’s outline directly on the sheet protector’s surface. You can then squeeze the container for an extensive coverage.

If you see bubbles surfacing, it means the paint is too thick. Clean the extra portions with a cotton swab.


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