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What Are the Waterproof Fabrics For Your Canopy Tent 10x10

by Trudy Seeger about a year ago in list
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What Are the Waterproof Fabrics For Your Canopy Tent 10x10

Whenever you are aiming for a canopy tent, the chances are high that you want these tents to be outside. Just like harsh UV rays, you need tents to protect you from rain and any kind of water-related issues. So, looking for waterproofing materials to manufacture top-notch quality canopy tent 10x10 is mandatory. Whether it is a little drizzle outside or a heavy down pouring, depending on the material of the tent you have chosen, you won’t get wet.

Previously, it was all about canvas tents, but those are getting pretty rate these days. So, in its place, you will receive multiple other options, each with different levels of pros and cons and performance ratio. Just like various marquee frames are used for different options, the fabric of the outdoor canopy tent is also made available in multiple options. Getting the right one solely depends on your needs.

PVC coated polyester is great:

If you want to venture out into the world of canopy tent and looking for waterproof help, then PVC coated polyester marquees are one option to consider. This is one standard for most of the tent and marquees, as available in said market. Around 80% of the customers plan for PVC-coated polyester as the preferred canopy material. It is because of their lightweight, lower maintenance, waterproof and economical categories.

The tents have major polyvinyl chloride coating on top, which is why these options are waterproof. Not just basic protection from water, but this coat will make the canopy tent resilient to any harsh weather condition.


Many overhang makers give shelters a polyurethane pitch covering that offers some water and sun opposition. The coat ordinarily covers polyester or weighty material. Polyurethane adds some weight yet is by and large lighter than vinyl coverings. This material regularly costs not as much as polyethylene or vinyl shelters and offers a harmony among solidness and cost.


Producers of vinyl and polyester shades frequently treat the material with vinyl tar to add waterproofing and UV assurance. Obviously, waterproofing keeps you dry. UV insurance forestalls blurring, tearing, and material breakdown brought about by sun openness. Makers of wedding tents/coverings and pop-ups implied for more lasting utilization of vinyl due to their high toughness.

On the drawback, vinyl is significantly more generous than polyethylene, polyurethane, or polyester, making those overhangs more testing to overlap down and sack to expos or games.

Military graded fabric material for canopy tent:

If you are not quite into the PVC coated option, then this military-grade fabric is one point for you to address. Searching the world of the internet will let you know more about this product, and you can now get it in so many colors. These items are made using 100% polyester and are not just noted for their waterproofing features. These fabrics are flame retardant and windproof as well. So, apart from rain, if it is windy outside, this fabric will be able to hold its stand for long.

There is a medium thickness to this material. To hold the weight of the fabric, the canopy manufacturers will be using strong and sturdy aluminum stands. So, if you want a canopy tent to last for a week or throughout the entire tradeshow, this one is what you need to get your hands on.

Focus on the price range:

Apart from checking out the fabric of the canopy tents, you need to focus on the price or range of the items too. You need products, which are not just durable but also must fall within your pre-set budget plans. So, if you want to get the best waterproof fabrics, be sure to have a direct chat with the manufacturers and learn more about their price ranges too. If you care to get the tents in bulk, you are likely to save a great deal of money.


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