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A Guide to Beanbag Plush

Beanbag is Fun!

By Tanvi PuniaPublished 18 days ago 3 min read

Looking for some alternatives for sofas to save up some money? You're at the right place! Here's an idea you can adhere to for furnishing your home at an affordable price!

Instead of sofas, you may go for bean bags, they are a very affordable option to make your living space and bedroom comfortable. They can also be used as an additional seat when you're in search of a place to sleep or sit while you have some guests.

Types of beanbags

Beanbags are available in bulk in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Except for the adult bean bag chair, we have sofa bed bean bags, couch bean bags, slab bean bags, and loungers as well.

Bean bags can be used for indoor as well as outdoor uses. They come in various colors, sizes, and materials. The list of materials that they can be made of is endless. We have beanbags made of cotton, corduroy, real leather, faux leather, faux suede, faux fur, and many more products!

How are these bean bags filled?

Generally, polystyrene beans are preferred to be filled in the bean bags. There are some bean bags that consist of two layers with the purpose of providing comfort and security. They prevent the polystyrene beans from spilling all over the place, increasing your cleaning work.

Bean bags come either pre-filled or with a removable liner on the inside. Pre-filled bean bags mean that the place they've been manufactured was the one where they were filled to their ideal capacity. Whereas, a removable inner liner enables you to fill in the beans as per your comfort and desire. Commonly, the ones with an inner lining are bought. But if you don't want to add up even a bit of extra work, then the pre-filed ones are great!

While going through the descriptions, the dimensions are mentioned of the bean bag that is flat manufactured instead of the one after being filled, so keep that in mind. The dimensions will change after being filled. It also will depend on the amount of filling you'll add.

Choose the right bean bag size

Kindly consider that your bean bag is fit for the place you're planning to put it in. Also, you must have ample space to store it when not in use. The weight and number of people should also be kept in mind. Whether you want a single or a double seater, everything will depend on finalizing the designs and styles of bean bags.

For kids, small sizes will be fine but for adults, an XL will be comfortable, or maybe even larger sizes. A teenager will happily be with the L size. Cleaning your bean bag from time to time will enhance its appearance and will make your place look good and comfy.

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Bean bags are a highly cost-effective way to add comfort to your living area and bedroom if you want to replace sofas. They can also be utilized as an extra seat in case you need somewhere to sit or sleep when you have visitors. When reading the descriptions, bear in mind that the dimensions refer to the manufactured flat bean bag, not the one that has been filled. Once filled, the dimensions will alter. It will also depend on how much filler you use. Pick the appropriate bean bag size as well.

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