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9 Best Spring Target Finds Right Now!

Welcome the spring season in with these amazing finds at Target!

By Matthew LundgrenPublished about a year ago 5 min read
9 Best Spring Target Finds Right Now!
Photo by TOMOKO UJI on Unsplash

The weather is finally starting to warm up, the birds are singing, and green is starting to pop up all around us. That can only mean one thing, Spring is here!

If you are anything like me, Spring is one of your favorites times of the year! Everything is so fresh, it feels like a new start, and you just know that you are about to create some amazing memories for the next several months.

We wanted to celebrate Spring with finding some amazing products & deals at Target that can help you ring in Spring! Check them out below, we hope you love them!

Please note, we may earn a small commission if you buy any products through the links in this article. Prices & availability are accurate at the time of writing, but may be subject to change.

Inflatable Fruit Slice Sprinkler

Via Target

Click here to shop this super cute Fruit Slice sprinkler toy that your kids (or pets) will love this Spring & Summer!

We love how cute this inflatable run through sprinkler arch is! It has such a cute design that is perfect for the Spring and Summer, and what's a better way to cool off on a hot day than run through a fun sprinkler?

Simply just set up this sprinkler arch in your backyard or garden and let the fun begin! It's suitable for ages 3 and up, so this will be fun for the whole family! And don't forget to invite your furry family members to join in on the fun.

Click here to check this out and so much more from Target!

Arber Organic Plant Food Concentrate

Via Target

Click here to check out this amazing organic plant food concentrate!

Spring is the time where we start to break out our gardening gloves and shovel, and this plant food concentrate from Arber is a great treat to give our plants, both in the house and out in our garden, an extra boost! Plus, it's organic! :)

Click here to check out this from Arber + other gardening must haves at Target!

Fairmont Metal Swivel Rocking Patio Chairs (Set of 2)

Via Target

Click here to check out these beautiful patio chairs that are 30% off at Target!

Good patio furniture can be such an important piece to making your outdoor area work for you and your family, and to make it actually enjoyable to be out there! These timeless metal swivel rocking patio chairs at Target are a great option for filling out some seating areas in your back yard or on your deck/porch!

Click here to check out these patio chairs on sale & other patio furniture finds!

Boho Rope Chair Swing

Via Target

Click here to grab this patio Rope Swing Chair for 30% off right now!

There isn't anything more relaxing than lounging in a hammock on a nice summer day, but we don't always have the room for a hammock, and they can sometimes be hard to deal with! That's why we LOVE this boho style rope chair swing! It offers the fun and relaxation of a hammock, but it is much easier to get in and out of, and doesn't need as much room to hang up!

Click here to check out this awesome rope swing chair at a great discount!

16" Faux Philodendron Plant

Via Target

Click here to get this cute & lively faux philodendron plant at Target!

As we all know, plants & greenery are some of the best ways to bring spring & summer into your home. However, it can be tough to find the proper space in your home that has enough sunlight for real plants to thrive. That's why we love these beautiful faux plants from Hearth & Hand at Target! Not only are they beautiful, but they are reasonably priced!

Check out this faux plant & others at Target right now!

Terracotta Turtle Outdoor Planter

Via Target

Click here to grab this adorable turtle terracotta planter at a great price!

Okay, this little terracotta planter is just adorable! This pot is perfect for succulents or other small plants! They also have a terracotta hedgehog planter that is just as cute and wonderful!

Click here to check out this cute planter & more at Target!

Outdoor Raised Garden Bed

Via Target

Click here to check out this gorgeous wooden outdoor raised garden bed at Target for a serious STEAL!

If you are anything like us, you aren't necessarily the most gifted with a hammer. That's why we love this raised garden bed from Smith + Hawken at Target! We could never build anything that looks as good as this!

Click here to shop this raised outdoor garden bed & the rest of the collection from Smith + Hawken!

Flybar Funpark Inflatable Skee Ball

Via Target

Click here to get this Inflatable Skee Ball game!

Skee Ball is a classic arcade game that probably everyone has a fond memory of! Whether that was your local arcade, or on vacation at a boardwalk on the beach, almost everyone has played Skee Ball at least once while they were kids!

Click here to shop this Inflatable Skee Ball game + other fun outdoor games for the family this summer!

Southport Patio Egg Chair

Via Target

Click here to check out this super cute Patio Egg Chair at Target

We love the style of this egg chair, and you can put it on your patio, or even in your home! It has a cute summery look, and you can fill it with pillows and cushions to create the ultimate cozy space!


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