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5 Ways to Transmute Anger

When therapy just isn’t cutting it

By Raven Shea 🐍🌙Published 2 years ago 5 min read
Wilmington, NC

Anger is like an annoying toddler.

When it shows up, its presence is suddenly & undeniably felt.

If we try to ignore it, it continues calling out for attention, yelling & breaking things in a fit of rage, causing irreparable damage to its surroundings.

It seems as if no matter where we try to hide, anger always finds its way back to us somehow.

Our friends, family, & loved ones begin to take notice. They question our motives, they question our stability, they question our sanity. This can leave us feeling incredibly powerless, as if we are at the mercy of our anger.

We hear advice from many different sources on how to deal with anger: go for a walk, take a deep breath, think happy thoughts, punch a pillow, etc., but what if none of these approaches actually help?

Speaking from experience, my anger has been extreme. These surface level suggestions never seemed to do much for me, especially in the heat of the moment.

I’m here to share 5 methods that have helped me the most when it comes to transmuting my anger. Transmute does not mean ignore, suppress, or avoid-transmute means to alchemize & shift from one form to another. I tend to use these methods in combination with one another, in no particular order. I usually go with what feels right to me in the moment.


Seriously-dance it out. We experience a heightened sense of emotional connection to the music we listen to as our left & right brain hemispheres are both stimulated. Certain pieces can make us feel sad, others make us feel empowered, you get the idea. Choose some music that really gets your blood pumping, (Godsmack, Tech N9ne, Linkin Park, & System of a Down are some of my go-tos for angry dancing) turn up the volume, & let yourself move in whatever way your body wants to. It’s important to set the intention to dance your anger out of your body through movement & acknowledgement. This can look like so many different methods: drumming on the steering wheel to intense beats (while parked, obvi), headbanging, getting down on your knees & hitting the floor, throwing air punches, whatever feels good to you! Don’t worry about what people will think-try this in your bedroom if you need some privacy.


Go for a run! Hit the gym! Do some jumping jacks & push ups! The key here is to bring you fiercely into your body as you work up a sweat. Again, intention is important. Before you work out, set the intention to let go of any residual anger through the release of sweat from your body. When we are sad, we release that sadness in the form of water from our eyes. When we are angry, that anger can also be released in the form of water from our sweat. Your state of mind will always shift from the start to the end of a workout because of the endorphins released during a workout. This is where the term “runner’s high” comes from!


Water is an extremely powerful force. My absolute favorite way of releasing any emotion is by standing in the frigid creek, connecting to the water, & asking for my emotions to flow through me as I sip on some hot tea. I realize not everyone has the luxury of access to a body of water, but most of us have access to running water. This method will work just as well in the shower, with the power of intention. Brew a cup of your favorite herbal tea, & stand in the cold shower as you set the intention to honor the discomfort of cold water, acknowledging that uncomfortable emotions must be felt in order to be let go of. Not only does this transmute on a mental level, it also works on the physical level through a stark contrast of external cold & internal heat, which creates a state of balance. Cold water is an excellent healing stimulation for the nervous system as well.


You read that right-bang it out! Whether you have a drum, the ground, or a tree, find a way to use lots of force with your hands. Drumming & yelling are great ways to transmute because they activate the root chakra & the throat chakra, where anger tends to be stored & suppressed. Stabbing a fork or knife (carefully!!) into the soft earth or slamming & breaking sticks on a fence post are also useful ways of channeling rage into something physical. Set the intention to let go of inner turmoil through external force. When the body is given permission to feel angry without suppression, we begin to heal an underlying cause of anger, which is the feeling of not being heard, listened to, or acknowledged.


Give it to the fire! Fire is the ultimate transmutation element. Light a candle & set the intention for the flame to transmute & burn away any anger that resides within your field. Sit with your anger, uninterrupted, & ask yourself what really makes you angry. Make an entire list. Write a paragraph, write a letter to someone, or just write bullet points. When you’ve finished writing out everything that makes you angry, burn the paper in a bowl. Feel the satisfaction of watching it turn to ash. If you’re not a writer, light a candle & envision someone or something in front of you that makes you angry as you gaze at the flame. Speak, out loud, everything that makes you upset. Don’t worry that you’re talking to yourself-you are giving yourself the chance to say things out loud that otherwise might not be said. Suppressed thoughts take up space; when we say them out loud we are making room for new. Processing out loud offers another layer of awareness that isn’t accessible when we keep our thoughts contained within the mind.

These practices are especially potent on the full moon, but they can be done at any time. It’s important to remember that you are the boss of your own healing journey-you have the power to choose what feels good for you & what doesn’t. Maybe none of these methods particularly resonate with you, & that’s okay too. Healing looks different for everyone! I encourage you to continue searching for the practices that fit your needs & desires, & remember-YOU ARE NOT YOUR EMOTIONS! You have permission to walk away or ask for a pause when involved in a heated engagement. You can put down the phone when something triggers you, & choose to focus on getting out of your head & into your body. You can overcome your anger, one day at a time.

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