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Asking my community for support on my healthy housing journey

By Raven Shea 🐍🌙Published 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 8 min read

$778 of $1,111 raised

My name is Raven Shea, & I have a powerful story to share around diabetes, homelessness, & healing.

I’m also raising enough money to help me successfully move into my very first home on the 1st of March!

I have never truly had a safe, stable home to call my own. After a journey of getting really sick from diabetes, becoming homeless, & having to find my own path of healing myself before being able to return to a place of working & supporting myself, I’ve finally found a place that will offer me long term comfort, safety, & nourishment. It has been really challenging to find a place that is affordable, while also cultivating a balance of work/health-with this home I feel that strongly available to me.

My story is a really powerful story. I’ve been navigating layers of healing & recovery, & have not been ready to share my story. I had to digest & integrate before I felt ready to share it.

Living & thriving with diabetes can be really tough. On top of medications, there is also the cost of herbal medicine, holistic medicine, & organic fresh foods & superfoods. If sickness or health emergencies occur, it can quickly drain resources.

I’ve worked really hard to recover from debilitating diabetes symptoms, depression, anxiety, & poverty mindset. I’ve worked really hard to heal the parts of me that felt too weak or ignorant to actually thrive as a diabetic energetically sensitive woman. I’ve done a lot of this work on my own, without the support of family. It’s time to ask for some support & be fully open to receiving it!

I can feel the peace this new home will offer me. It will support me in writing this massive story that wants to be published through me & into the world.

I move into this new home on the first. I have to come up with $900 by then. I trust in my ability to reach out to my community & beyond, so that this post finds its way to those who feel inspired to help me with my first month’s deposit.


I want to share a summarized version of my story of housing with you, so you can see what a huge deal this is for me!

When I was 18 I was using drugs, prostituting myself, & experiencing extreme mental illness, anxiety, & depression. I got kicked out of my father’s house & moved to Vegas with a pimp, where I continued to prostitute myself. After a series of traumatic events, I came back to my hometown to stay with a friend until I found a place.

I moved around a few unhealthy places, shared an apartment with a friend who also did drugs, moved in with one of my prostitution clients, & went out to raves often.

I eventually met a client who helped me get my own apartment at 21 years old. I met him on a sugar baby website, but it soon became clear that he did not want to pursue sexual engagement with me. We became friends, & he had a good heart. He paid me $10,000 to get out of prostitution, go to therapy, clean up my diet, stay off of drugs, get a regular job at a restaurant, & start on my journey of healing. I am in deep gratitude to this man for seeing how painfully lost I was, & giving me the support that he did. This was a huge catalyst in my healing journey.

Clean from drugs & eating healthier, I was finally making good enough money to support myself without escorting, so I moved into a 3 bedroom home with 2 other roommates I met online. I got a job at a country club making big paychecks, & I fell in love with a man from South Africa. I was at this job for about 13 months before diabetes symptoms started to make it nearly impossible for me to show up for my work.

After making the decision to take some time off work for healing purposes, many things happened very quickly. I lost my source of income, moved to a community in the desert, experienced a spiritual awakening, moved to New Mexico to pursue a live in nanny job, still couldn’t show up due to diabetes symptoms, moved into my car & went to Sedona, moved to Florida in my car with another homeless man & our two dogs, had a mental breakdown, moved to North Carolina still living out of my car, had another mental breakdown, fell into toxic patterns with the man I was with, broke up with him, started on another layer of emotional healing, had another spiritual awakening, moved back to New Mexico, & found my way to the Santa Fe International Hostel at 24 years old.

After 2 years of being homeless, I was finally able find a place to ground back into. The hostel offered me a place to stay rent free, in exchange for minimal work trade. It was here that I really began to heal my root chakra, establishing community, routine, structure, & access to a kitchen to prepare healthy nourishing meals for myself again. The hostel was crucial in supporting me to feel grounded again after so long of not feeling having my own space.

After 9 months of living at the hostel, I began to feel very drained from all the craziness that comes from living at a hostel on a major street. I was invited to live with a family as their nanny. Living here allowed me to do some very deep layers of emotional healing, as well as to dive into my creativity & self expression in bigger ways than ever before. This family became close to my heart, & I thrived here at first.

Eventually the child I was nannying for became too much to handle, & I was beginning to experience imbalanced diabetes symptoms again. On my journey of healing I had discovered that stress is a huge source of blood sugar imbalance, so I knew I had to find a new home. I had no idea what to do as I didn’t have any money saved up, & my source of income was also my place of residence so once I left I would also be out of a job. My car was on the verge of breaking down, & I felt very afraid of what would come next.

I found a special little property in Nambé NM that welcomed me with open arms. The rent was very low, & I felt like I could manage living in the converted airstream home on this land. The community of sisterhood here was deeply healing for my heart. It was at this home that I went back to a traditional full time job for the first time since leaving my country club job 3 years previously!

After 5 months it proved to be too challenging for me to live here with the young children on the property, as I was becoming very overstimulated.

I moved to sacred land in Tijeras NM with a healing yurt, a sacred Tipi, & a monthly Inipi ceremony. This land was already deeply special to my heart from times past. This land also came with a broken hot water heater, fireplaces as the only heat source, & composting toilets. I was not cut out for this life, it required too much of my energy to sustain. Grateful for the lessons I learned here, I quickly decided this was an unsustainable environment for my thrive.

I prayed & wrote 5 pages of what I desire for a home as well as the type of roommate I desire. In less than a month the roommate & the new home appeared. I’ve established myself as a nanny & other part time gigs to support myself financially. I really need support in paying for my first month’s rent after missing quite a bit of work for health reasons, & having some big car/dental expenses come up for me this month.

I recognize that as I’ve done the inner healing work, my situation has continually improved. I feel like I’ve had another layer of breakthrough in realizing that I’ve healed all that needs to be healed in order to have a stable, healthy, supportive, safe, clean, grounded home. The biggest piece was realizing that I’m worthy of a life like this. I’m worthy of all my needs & desires being abundantly met. Just because I couldn’t pay my bills or hold down a job before doesn’t mean I can’t do that now. I’ve learned how to trust myself to take care of my body, my mind, & my heart so that my diabetes never falls out of balance so drastically again. I’ve learned so much about my needs, my body, & the ways diabetes expresses itself through me on my journey of homelessness. There’s a lot of medicine that happened in that journey, & I look forward to sharing details in my upcoming book. Bless this body for the journey it’s been on. I’m so ready for my first home & my BIGGEST THRIVE YET!!

I don’t believe we are meant to do it all on our own. For a majority of my adult life I’ve had to do it on my own. That era is over for me-I’m in the era of accepting help & support from others when I need it.

If you’ve read this far, I thank you for witnessing me in my story. I would greatly appreciate your financial donations to support me in this big step of my journey!

You can donate via Venmo: @ravensnest333

Or PayPal @ PayPal.me/TaylorThacker

I trust in my God to provide for me in whatever ways that is meant to look like.

Blessed Bee


About the Creator

Raven Shea 🐍🌙

Story teller. Spiritual warrior. Dancer. Singer. Sensory energetic healer. Sister. Witch. Teacher. Empath. T1 diabetic. Awakening serpent priestess. Sound meditation practitioner. Energetic doula. Artist.

Come join me in reflection 🔮

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