5 Signs Your Back Pain Might Be An Emergency

If Not Caused By Seating On Uncomfortable Chair

Back pain is a very common problem affecting not less than 80 percent of any given adult population according to several studies. Back pain can be mild and can also be very excruciating such that the affected person would be willing to do just anything to make it go away.

Back pain is caused by a wide range of things. A very common cause is long seating hours in an uncomfortable chair. This is a very common cause because our jobs have become more sedentary, requiring us to sit for several hours daily. This naturally puts a lot of pressure or strain on the back muscles hence causing pain over time.

To minimize back pain caused by the kind of chairs we sit on, comfortable and supportive chairs have been made for both home and office use. These chairs are very comfortable and provide support for key body parts including the back. Ergonomic chairs are very good examples.

Features of a good chair

• Comfort: According to the team at allmodernfurnitureshop.com, this is the first factor you must consider when evaluating the chair you are sitting on. Is it comfortable? The best chairs are strategically engineered to offer optimum comfort. The upholstery is top-notch – high quality, soft, and allows for proper air circulation. In these chairs, you can sit for several hours almost effortlessly though you should stand up often, between 30 minutes to 1 hour as a rule of thumb.

• Support: the best chairs provide support for the back, especially the lumbar region. This helps to reduce the strain on the back muscles. These chairs are also designed to perfectly fit the natural shape of the back – they have a slight curve in the backrest. Other key body parts that are supported include the shoulders, neck, and arms.

• Adjustability: This is another important feature because there is no one-fit-all chair hence it is imperative to be able to adjust it to suit your need. Also, the adjustment should be very easy to do – ones that don’t require any tool are better. The things that should be adjustable include the height, seat depth, seat tilt, backrest, and lumbar support.

• Rounded edges or seat pan with waterfall front: the distribution of body weight in a seated position is greatly affected by the shape of the seat pan. Seat pans with a waterfall front maintain the curve of the back and enhance even distribution of the body weight.

If your chair lacks any of the above, it might the cause of your back pain. Try to invest in a better chair.

Besides an uncomfortable chair, there are other causes of back pain some of which may be an emergency such as kidney problems. There are key signs that could indicate an emergency when you have back pain and they include:

• Sharp pain

When the pain you feel in your back is sharp rather than dull, it could be a potentially dangerous situation such as an issue with an internal organ in the side or back. It could also be a problem of a torn muscle or ligament.

• Radiating pain

When a back pain radiates such that it shoots or migrates to other body parts such as legs or glutes, this could be a very dangerous situation such as in the case of nerve compression.

• Sudden leg weakness

When a back pain causes sudden leg weakness, it could a highly dangerous situation. While limb weakness could be caused by compressed nerves in the spine such as in the case of spinal stenosis, it could also be an indication of a more serious problem such as stroke.

• Incontinence

When a back pain happens alongside bladder or bowel control issues, it could be an indication of serious nerve compression or even a spine infection.

• Numbness

When a back pain situation causes numbness or needles in the glutes or groin, it could be pointing to a serious spine or nerve condition.

Other signs that your back pain might be a sign of an emergency are:

• Recent injury to the back

• Weight loss

• The pain doesn’t let you sleep properly at night

• Is accompanied by stomach pain

• Is accompanied by pain while peeing

• Presence of a lump in your breast or armpit

• You have osteoporosis

Types of Back Pain

• Mechanical or non-organic back pain: this refers to back pain caused by situations such as bad posture or sports injury. This form of back pain is the most common. They are generally not caused by serious conditions.

• Organic back pain: this is the second type of back pain. It is usually a sign of serious underlying health issues that require immediate attention.

It is imperative to be able to differentiate between these two types of back pain given the implication of not taking prompt action on serious health issues. All the signs highlighted above will help you know the type of back pain you have. If your back pain does not go away after 72 hours, you should pay more attention.

If you back pain falls in the second category or you are not sure where it falls even after the above hints, you need to make an immediate appointment with your physician to determine what it is as well as resume immediate treatment if it is a case of serious health issue.

Note: it is vital to pay attention to the signs given by the body; note the differences, including the seemingly insignificant ones, as this can make all the difference in salvaging the situation. Your body speaks, listen to it.

Back pain cannot be handled lightly. It has the ability to completely change the quality of life we live hence deserves adequate attention. Uncomfortable chairs are key causes – if your chair does not have any of the features highlighted above, it is time to change it. It is worth the investment. Back pain could also be a sign of more serious health problems. Read the 5 signs discussed above in order to be able to act promptly regarding your back pain.

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