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5 Reasons Why You Procrastinate More And More

Why were you so slow in executing your visions?

By Chua Yuan HengPublished 11 months ago 3 min read
5 Reasons Why You Procrastinate More And More
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Procrastination, ah what does it actually means? Actually it means wasting time without any intention to take further action. Further action into what? Of course, into doing those things you have been wanting to do for long. An official meaning search for procrastination on Google returns:

Procrastination is the act of delaying or postponing a task or set of tasks.

People procrastinate all the time, delaying or postponing the things they wanted to do for long already until tomorrow, the next day after tomorrow, next week, next month etc. until they finally get to it. But why do people actually procrastinate? Following are an exploration into 5 reasons why people actually procrastinate:

1. Want to be in this moment forever

A lot of time, being in this moment, this state, or this condition, feels really good for some people. That's why they wouldn't want to take or do the next step. Imagine you are working on a book, but you wouldn't finish it because the very hope that the book you are writing will become huge success feels really good. Yes, it's that feeling of hope that caught you freezing in the moment. You wouldn't want a breakthrough, you wouldn't want to move forward, because it feels really good to be just hopeful. What if the book doesn't caught any attention? Then you would have lost that hopeful feelings you have earlier which actually feels really good to you.

2. Do not have energy for more

Sometimes, energy was the main concern. We just doesn't seem to have enough energy to plough on anymore to get anything else other than those things that are already routine. How do you get more energy to do more things when you are already exhausted by the time you got home from work. The entire workday was tiring, how would you have got more energy to work on the latest book you were trying to write? That's one of the reasons why you procrastinate, you do not have energy for more.

3. Lazy

Some people are just plain lazy. They have absolutely no motivation to get their bums up and do something about those things they have at the back of their minds. They prefer lingering and resting on their couches or beds doing mindless things such as scrolling all over Facebook or Instagram while delaying indefinitely of the things that need to be done immediately. But alas, their laziness could sometimes be harmful, in that they might have missed a lot on the opportunities to do something useful.

4. Unfocused

Certain people are unfocused. To them there are just so many distractions around. The television, the mobile phone, the pets, the children, the spouses, and hundreds of every other things other than the thing he or she really wants to do. These people jumps from doing one thing to another, never settling down to focus and do just one thing until it has reach a milestone, or a state where it is good enough.

5. Not interested

Procrastination also happens when the person is just plain not interested in that one thing he or she said he or she wants to do. They are just sight-seers who stumbled across the idea of doing this and that thing but in fact, they have no genuine interest in doing them. It's just a wishy fleeting dream of being able to do that thing someday, but there are more interesting things to do for them in the moment. And the things they really got around to do are really the things that they are interested in.

That's how and why people are procrastinating so heavily in their lives. What about you? Do you procrastinate? How do you stop doing so in your own life? Like and share with your comments. Thanks.


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