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How to Become Genius

Two Tricks You will Care about

By Chua Yuan HengPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
How to Become Genius
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Humans have always wanted to be more clever, to undertake or surmount any challenges that may come their way.

Never in human history that any person would deny the opportunity to learn anything new in order to become superior intellectually.

When you do a Google search with the "genius meaning", it returns results as following :

1. exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability.

2. an exceptionally intelligent person or one with exceptional skill in a particular area of activity.

Notice the word "exceptional". Now what does Google says about being exceptional :

unusual; not typical.

That's right, it's unusual, just not the typical intelligence any persons would have already possess. Albert Einstein is one of those unusual and exceptional people in this world.

Within his field, he has surpassed most physicists in forming theories about the laws of the universe that no one would have thought of, including the famous mathematical model on nuclear or atomic bomb.

In order for anyone to have the intellect of a genius, one may employed these following methods :

1. Fantasize frequently

Fantasy is daydreaming, the indulgent imagination of anything we want to have. Through fantasies, we imagine worlds we have never seen before.

Our wildest fantasies bring us into the experience of something new, special, or ingenious, as it is not thought about before by anybody.

Through fantasy, we acquire a simulation of what things would look like, feel like, or be like, supposing that those things are as what is portrayed in our fantasies.

There was once when I was younger and felt extremely busy and tied down by the workload of my job, I fantasized about a service where things or food are bought online and delivered to my doorstep, provided that I pay the delivery fees.

Then there come apps and services like Grab, Foodpanda, Shopee, and Lazada in the country that I live in, which is Malaysia. There riders on motorcycles who will fetch your food and deliver it to you. How convenient!

I may have fantasized about them, but it wasn't me who have gone on to build this services, because I couldn't execute these ideas into reality.

Then, there was once, when I was bored during internship, I fantasized about a handheld tablet, with which, I can use to browse the Internet and learn anything.

Then, a few years later, someone made them, the mobile phones and tablets we have now, which has big screens to be used as reading devices.

I also fantasized about earphones without the wires. Then, they make it into reality, the wireless earbuds. Then the drones, the camera drones, which are just mini helicopters, I imagined them too, if you would believe me on what I say here.

That's how important fantasies are, you can fantasize a whole bunch of new realities.

2. Use your creative brain

In order to fantasize or imagine, it is clear that we need to use our creative brain, which is on the left hemisphere of our entire brain.

They say press down the right nostril and take a deep breath through the left, and that will stimulate our right brain through increased blood flow, so that we will become more creative.

Actually, to use the creative brain properly, you need to fantasize frequently, in order to train it to become more active. The more you fantasize, the more trained it becomes.

The brain by itself is muscle, the more weightlifting you do with it, the stronger it becomes.

Besides that, you can use the input stimulation method many artists and designers employ to make themselves more creative.

In this method, what they do is to feed themselves with visual, auditory, or even other sensual stimuluses constantly. For example, a graphic designer will constantly browse the portfolios of other designers to look at their art. You can use all kinds of channels to get this, from places such as Youtube, DeviantArt, or any other media.

In summary, there are 2 ways you may follow in order to become a genius, which is to fantasize often and also use your creative brain. That's it, hope you enjoyed reading this story. Thanks.

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