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5 Creative Ways To Use Your Talent to Personalize Any Homemade Gift

Sophy Geno
by Sophy Geno 13 days ago in crafts

And Why VoiceGift Is The Perfect Addition!

Do you have a birthday, anniversary, or other holiday coming up, and you want to give a meaningful gift? Or maybe you want to get a little something for your friend or colleague.

Instead of searching for lists of something to buy, how about using your talent to create something unique? Whether you like to craft, write, dance, sing, or even macrame, there are countless ways to create something for others. In a time when it’s easier to buy gifts than ever, a handmade gift is sure to delight.

The gift of art

For those who love to craft, paint, or do other types of creative art, gift-giving can be easy and inspiring. Creating art is good for stress relief, but it also makes a wonderfully personal gift for family, friends, or couples. Not to mention it is a great way to practice your skill or have an excuse to buy glitter or paint! There are countless ways to turn your art into a gift, whether you like to illustrate, paint, knit, or even quill. Lately, my mom does many quilling art pieces, and they make lovely wall art. Her most recent piece is an aerial view of a Hawaiian beach full of details and vibrant colors that can transport you to your own private paradise. But what could make the gift even better? Is there any way to make it more immersive? One way to excite the senses with this gift is to add a voice message of waves and sea birds or a vivid description of the beach landscape. And you can do so with Voicegift!

By recording a detailed explanation about the beach, the listener can appreciate the art piece more and imagine themselves on the warm sand with crystal waters anytime they are stressed. Every time your friend or loved one press play, they too can be transported into your art and remember just how much thought you put into the gift. By combining your talent with the unique touch of Voicegift, you can bring your craft to life and add personalization!

Edible gifts

You know what they say; the quickest way to someone’s heart is through the stomach. If you like to make magic in the kitchen, you might have heard of giving pre-made cookie mix in a jar or soup bases as gifts. But now that you’ve made your magic what about the directions to make your delicious gift? Rather than just a simple written note, the cherry on top of your is the Voicegift tag. The Voiegift message allows your friends or loved ones to hear directions, cooking tips, or recipes all from your lovely voice. This way, it feels more personal, almost as if you are cooking with them. That way, next time you want to send someone your revolutionary Cheeto bread, you can remind them to make sure and use your homemade Cheeto butter as well! I’ve used this method during the holidays with my homemade peppermint brownies. Some may say it’s overkill, but I make a peppermint syrup to go with the brownies. These brownies are always a crowd-pleaser, but Voicegift makes it more memorable. With such thought and uniqueness put into your gift, it’s bound to warm their stomachs and hearts. People will remember how great a cook you are, so don’t be surprised if your goodies are in high demand.

The gift of poetry

I love writing poetry, and I often write poems for my family and boyfriend. Poems have been given as gifts for hundreds of years, and for a good reason. There are few things more touching than a poem written just for you. But I know how it can be challenging for my fellow poets to express their full emotions in their work. So when you feel as proud and majestic as the mountains about your latest poem, you should show it off! Whether you are giving your work to a lover or friend, wouldn’t it be lovely if they could hear the poem directly from the poet’s lips? Using Voicegift to record yourself, you can share your emotions straight from the heart to whoever listens.

Another perk of Voicegift is that you can personalize the appearance of the holding card however you want. You could even write part of your poem or draw a picture on the front to help visualize it. As many of us know, writing poetry is only half the fun of it. When we read our poem to others is when it truly comes to life. My boyfriend is Korean, and I am still learning the language, so I try to write my poems in Korean for him. However, I see the most sparkle in his eyes when I read the poem aloud. So I am thrilled I found Voicegift to add to his poems since we spend months apart. Now, even when I can’t be with him, my voice message can always be replayed whenever he wants to hear my voice. Poems are not just for lovers, though, but a great way to remind anyone how much you care about them. As long as you enjoy the process, the one who receives it will feel your intention.

Photo gifts

Another stunning way to gift your creativity to someone important is through photography. Even if you can’t travel and get the landscape shots you desire, you could always make a collage of family or pet photos to decorate and wrap up as a present! Photos of yourself or your family are especially great gifts since COVID-19 has made it hard to see our loved ones. Another creative idea is to recreate old family photos, your parents’ high school yearbook photos, or anything that strikes you as fun. The best part of homemade gifts is the spirit and creativity in making them, after all.

To top it all off, you can add the Voicegift message to your photo frame relating to the photo or reminiscing the story of that one crazy family vacation. If it’s a birthday gift and you can’t be there in person, get the whole family to sing the birthday song! (By the Beatles, of course). Gifts like this can be super fun to make because you can get the whole family involved. Whatever image you end up creating or editing, it will become a moment captured in time. And by adding the pizazz of voicegift, your message can always remind others to smile when they see your photos and hear your voice.

The gift of song

One thing I try to remember is to keep a song in my heart. So when you want to give your heart to others, what could be more lovely than a song? Whether you love to sing, play an instrument, or love lullabies, you have endless ways to interpret your talent into a gift idea. I love to write songs for my boyfriend, and I can’t wait to add a voice gift note of me singing part of the song for our next anniversary gift!

Currently, we are a long-distance couple. So when we feel too far apart, we try to give each other extraordinary gifts. Over time these gifts have gotten more and more personalized. He has always loved to hear me sing, so my music has become his favorite. It’s also a special process for me to use my passion to create something for others and give them joy. This gift idea can also apply to any music lover you know. Do you never wanna give up your best friend? How about gifting them a DIY Rick Astely doll with an added voice message of you reaffirming how you’re never gonna let them down. Whatever you create, and no matter how you express your love of music, voicegift can add the finishing touch. For the most meaningful gift, strap on your creative energy belt and get to it!

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Sophy Geno
Sophy Geno
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