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12 Closet Organization Tips

by Creative Weirdo 3 years ago in house

Here are a couple tips that may be able to help you organize your closet.


1. Use Shower Hooks for Shorts or Jeans

Some of us don’t want to or don’t have the money to buy a dresser for things that don’t go on hangers. So just get cheap shower hooks from Walmart or Target and slide the hook through the loop of your pants. After that put the shower hook onto the rod and your all done. For leggings, just drape them over the hanger and put it in your closet.

2. Use Shower Hooks for Belts

Going back to the shower hooks again, use the shower hooks to hang up your belts. Slide the hook through the belt buckle or if your belt has big holes, use those to slide the shower hooks through. Once again, just hang it up and your done.

3. Use Hot Glue on Your Hangers

Use your hot glue gun to make grips for your hanger. Make a bunch of random patterns on each side. For example, you could do dots, zigzags, swirls, etc. Doing this will keep your clothes from falling off the hanger and making a mess in your closet.

4. Use Shower Hooks for Scarves

If you wanna have a nice place to put your scarves, just attach shower hooks on the rod in your closet. This makes your closet look put together and you won’t have to waste money while doing it.

5. Attach Hangers to Each Other

If you don’t have a huge closet, then just stack up hangers and it won’t take up as much space. Attach the hangers together by putting them on the bottom rod of each other. This one saves a lot of your space and then you will have more room for all your clothes.

6. Go to the Thrift Store to Organize Your Cleaning Closet

Instead of buying a bunch of expensive storage containers, just go to the thrift store or the dollar store to pick up some cheap ones. Get cheap bins and baskets that match and use them to organize different types of cleaning products. Another thing you could use if you don’t have a cleaning closet is to use a bath caddy and store it in your bathroom.

7. Store Chunky Clothing in a Shoe Organizer

Chunky clothing takes up more space in your closet so using a shoe organizer would be easier to store everything. Plus, with this you could store more clothes at once. You could also use this to store shoes, pants, or other articles of clothing.

8. Make a Walk-In Closet

This will take up an afternoon but it will make your closet look better and keep everything organized. If you get cheap hangers and containers, then you can transform your closet into a very organized and presentable looking closet. Hang a new light, a mirror, baskets, paintings, etc. and you can have a walk-in closet.

9. Hang a Tiered Basket to Store Your Accessories

If you use a tiered basket then you can hang scarves, socks, underwear, gloves, etc. You could either hang this from the ceiling or from the rod depending on what kind you have.

10. Hang an Accessory Organizer on the Back of Your Closet Door

Get a cheap accessory organizer from Tj Maxx or Target and hang it on the back of your closet door. This way you can display your jewelry and see what would match what. I personally would love to have a display where I can match up my outfits easily and where I would feel organized.

11. Hang a Drawer on the Wall to Display Nail Polish

Use a drawer that you might have left over, paint it, then hang it up onto the wall. This is a very good way to show off your nail polish and to store it. I will definitely be using this for my closet or room.

12. Help Your Boots Maintain Structure by Putting Pool Noodles in Them

Sometimes our boots will lean over and start shaping like that. This leaves them with marks, wrinkles, and loss of shape. To keep this from happening, cut up pool noodles and stuff them into your boots and it will help them keep shape.

I hope some of these might be able to help you organize your closet and make things a little bit easier for you.


Creative Weirdo

The stories I will be writing about will range from being horror, random topics, and just hacks/tips. I will write every so often and will always be trying to think of new ideas to write about.

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