101 Unpopular Opinions — The Ultimate Must-See List

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Backed by totally unscientific opinion based research

101 Unpopular Opinions — The Ultimate Must-See List
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  1. Beyoncé is overrated
  2. David Attenborough is overrated and nothing more than a glorified voice-over artist
  3. Strawberries are disgusting
  4. White people’s weddings are uniformly dull and monotonous in all facets
  5. People drink gin because it’s trendy
  6. Quentin Tarantino is a hideous person
  7. The whole politically correct gender pronoun thing. Drives me insane: he/she/we/them/her/him. Makes me want to come up with my own version: yeti/Bigfoot/ballbagger/cryptid.
  8. Star Wars isn’t very good
  9. My dick pic will make panties melt and women faint
  10. Marriage no longer works
  11. Chinese food is horrible.
  12. I hate dumplings,
  13. Custard is glorified child’s vomit
  14. Rice pudding is squelchy yukkiness in a bowl
  15. When people call themselves an “Influencer” but their way of influencing is posting a few meaningless words a few times a week to inspire
  16. People who connect with you and then send a huge message that’s full of waffle and bollocks
  17. People that connect with you and then message you a few times a week just to say “Hi” or “How are you”?
  18. Nutella Chocolate on toast is a cry for help. I always did this as a child and one day I suddenly started having trouble breathing. Thanks Nutella. Now I eat with with a spoon and an epi pen in hand
  19. Mashed Potato is the most disgusting thing ever invented
  20. Jamie Oliver is the most irritating man on earth
  21. Its a bread roll, not a barm or a bread cake or a bap
  22. People who call other people “hun” are intellectually challenged
  23. Pineapple on pizza
  24. Coldplay are overrated
  25. Linkedin is better for dating than Tinder
  26. The Office US is far better and funnier than the UK original
  27. Dark chocolate digestives are better than milk chocolate digestives
  28. Scones — definitely jam then cream, why would you do it any other way?
  29. 99% of online marketing advice only works if what you’re selling is marketing
  30. The bible is to popular culture what Kim Jung-Un is to golf. A pack of lies.
  31. Balls taste of better when dipped in salted caramel chocolate
  32. Friends the program is shite. Friends IRL are over rated
  33. American pancakes with bacon and maple syrup are better than English ones
  34. Naming your penis is stupid
  35. Gordon Ramsay is pretty damn hot
  36. GOTs is so boring. It’s the equivalent of stabbing your eyes with a rectal examiner over and over again
  37. 99% of poetry sucks
  38. You won’t find true love. Better to settle for average
  39. LinkedIn is the best social media platform and everyone should be focusing on it
  40. Beer out of a can tastes weird
  41. Open office environment is a breeding ground for germs
  42. Drinking wine isn’t classy. You’re just a posh drunk.
  43. Pugs are ugly not cute
  44. Dirty is good
  45. Jason Momoa isn’t all that hot.
  46. An automatic license is as good as a manual license
  47. People who claim to hate online bullying yet do it themselves
  48. I don’t like dogs, any size or any breed. They smell
  49. Chocolate is gross
  50. What is the point of Ed Sheeran?
  51. Drakes music is awful, he’s talentless and fooling us all
  52. Bovril is better than Marmite
  53. Pouring hot water on your windscreen to clear the ice will not crack it
  54. Virgins are real
  55. Just because I choose not to have children does not mean: I can’t / I don’t like children / make me a weirdo / or you can spend all of your time trying to convince me why I should
  56. Just because the average dress size in Australia is a 14–16 does not make it OK. We’re calling it body positivity but we’re actually encouraging obesity.
  57. Political correctness is killing the honest opinion in this world. I refuse to change the way I speak just because some people need to get out more
  58. Lord of the Rings is complete shite
  59. Milk doesn’t build strong bones
  60. Marriage is a patriarchal tool that’s gaslit women into giving away their sexual agency and right to take up their own space
  61. Gary Vee talks for hours and doesn’t say a thing
  62. I think Simba from the Lion King is a little git
  63. Musicals are just awful! All that bursting into spontaneous song will not bring about world peace or save humanity
  64. Baby on Board stickers on the back of cars are a waste of time. Me noticing a sticker just before I plough headlong into the back of your car isn’t a preventative action
  65. Most women can’t drive (note: I am not most women)
  66. Harry Potter is crap
  67. Religious content should be allowed on every platform
  68. Vegans, vegetarians etc… should praise us meat-eaters for keeping their precious plants safe
  69. There aren’t enough plants for everyone to switch to a plant-based diet so stop trying to convert the world
  70. Brown Cars
  71. Mushrooms are the work of the devil and should stay in the ground
  72. I don’t like Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead or Peaky Blinders
  73. Nando’s is completely overrated, overpriced and generally shite
  74. Humus is grated spew made by the devil to convince meat eaters they’re being healthy
  75. Avocados crushed is fucking guacamole and should never be eaten in public
  76. The gym is and always has been an insidious place full of narcissistic men intimidating women
  77. Mayo is better on chips than ketchup
  78. Test cricket is the greatest invention ever made by humankind
  79. People who start every sentence with ‘So’
  80. Identity politics
  81. People who pick and choose the validity of ‘Science’ when it suits them
  82. Slacktivism
  83. People who have not yet had to live in the real world, working a real job and paying for their way, dictating to others on how they should live their life
  84. Powerpoint is dead
  85. Print is dead
  86. SEO is dead
  87. Foo Fighters is better than Nirvana
  88. Earth is a flat disk
  89. Reality Stars are not stars. So why do people claim they are? and why are they doing so well financially considering they’ve offered the community nothing as well as being not being talented?
  90. Writers — Please can they write their own stuff instead of having reboots/remakes, etc.
  91. Why can’t all films that are sequels just put a fucking 2,3,4 at the end of all their films
  92. Films or tv shows based on sleeping with each other is not TV entertainment.
  93. From 2000 onwards the quality of music and TV have both been in decline
  94. Olives are just disgusting. They stink. They’re oily. They have pips!
  95. ALL Social media and the self obsessed culture of fake everything
  96. Fuck the ’80s. They were awful to live through so why glorify that crap
  97. Pot noodle sandwiches are very underrated
  98. “Disrupting the xyz industry” is the most annoying slogan/tagline/thing that is said way too often. The word disrupting has essentially lost all meaning
  99. job searching can be fun
  100. The wedding industrial complex is predatory capitalism
  101. Michael Jackson just loved children and chimps

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