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10 Ways to LEVITATE!! (Epic Magic Trick How To's Revealed!)

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By Ruth MwangangiPublished 22 days ago 3 min read
10 Ways to LEVITATE!! (Epic Magic Trick How To's Revealed!)
Photo by Jayson Hinrichsen on Unsplash

one of the most fascinating feats in

magic is the ability to levitate

and there are many methods to make this

happen. in this video, we're going to

cover just a few of them

we're going to cover some simple methods

that can be done at home right now

then some more advanced techniques

that'll take a little bit of practice

and preparation.

We'll also cover some more expensive

versions the professionals use that

you've probably seen it on some national


shows, so hit that like button, and let's

get ready to learn how to levitate.

In this first method, the magician walks

into the room and then covers the front

of their body with a blanket or a towel

then, magically, they seem to just

levitate right off the floor

this looks pretty convincing, and it is

super simple to perform,

you'll begin by attaching a pair of

shoes with a giant rubber band

or you can put velcro on the sides of

the boots so they stick together

now, if you move one shoe, the other one

moves along with it

and that's the key to this illusion when

the magician covers themselves up with

the blanket

they're removing their right

foot from the shoe

and placing it right behind their other


now, under the cover of the blanket, the

magician lifts their left foot off the


and moves it around. The two shoes move

together, making it appear

as though they're levitating to complete

this illusion, the magician puts their

foot back in the other shoe

and removes the blanket

in this following method with no cover at all

the magician walks up to a step stool

and seems to levitate right up to the

top of it

he then floats in midair with no visible


and what's great about this method is

that it's very inexpensive to make and

can be done at home

right now

to do this, you'll need a baggy pair of

pants I like to wear jeans

and then cut a slit from top to bottom

on the right leg

then, from inside the pants, glue or tape

the pants to the bottom of the shoe

it looks messy from the front, but

remember, they'll never see this side

they see everything from the back

next, you'll apply velcro to the inside

edge of both of the shoes

or in this case, I'm using sandals the

velcro is used so that when you push the

two shoes or sandals together

they stick to each other, and when you

lift one; the other one lifts as well

very similar to what I did earlier with

the rubber bands

now, as you step up to position, you'll

hold your two feet together so the

velcro sticks

this will allow you to remove your right

foot from the shoe and slip your leg out

of the slit inside the jeans

now, your right foot will step up onto

the stool, and you'll lift your body up

but from the back, the two legs stick

together, and it looks as though you're




this following method is prevalent with

street performers because there are no

angles that it doesn't work from

it looks great from all around. You might

I have even seen it on a popular

television show

you might have even seen two performers

doing this act together

but regardless, the method is always the


you'll notice that in every scenario

there is something on the floor

whether it's a blanket or a rug or as i

mentioned earlier

sand from the beach and the reason for

that is, to cleverly disguise the steel


that's holding the magician in the air

in this case, the support runs from the


up the staff that he's holding, then it

goes up his sleeve down his back

and creates a seat that he's sitting on

this next levitation is generally done

as a stage effect

and that's because the setup is very

clunky, and the angles do matter

the assistant is lying comfortably on

this little support bed

and the magician is standing right in

here, his body covers the vertical beam

so the audience cannot see it

now, you may be wondering how the

magician moves a hoop over the body

without hitting the support beam, there

are no holes or gaps in the hoop

it's really about the motion of the

magician uses


he starts from one end and goes over the

entire support beam

but then watch how he spins the hoop the

opposite way never

crossing where the beam is from

the front, it looks as though the hoop

went across the entire body

and that's how magicians levitate you.

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