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10 Things I've Stopped Buying

by Tone Breistrand 2 years ago in list
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I'm on a journey to reduce my waste and get rid of disposable items in my home. These are some things I love!

Photo by Anna Oliinyk on Unsplash

In today's society we consume way too much, which also means we throw away too many things. I'm constantly trying to find new ways to reduce my waste and plastic use, and people sharing their own methods are a huge help. That's why I've chosen to share ten things that I no longer buy:

1. Wet Wipes

These have become one of my biggest pet peeves. I know that they're convenient, they smell good, they require no preparation or extra work for you, and they're cheap. But, and there's a big but: they're a single-use item. I now use spray and microfibre cloths instead, which is a much better option. You really should try and avoid the items you can only use once.

2. Plastic Lighters

This is one I'd put very little thought into, as I considered them the only way to light my candles. Then, I read an article about the most wasteful items in our homes, and of course, lighters are a big bad one. I've personally never refilled a lighter once it runs out, meaning I would throw the empty one away and buy a new one. I can't believe I didn't realise how wasteful this was, and how much plastic I went through. Now, I use wooden matchsticks. Not only are they better for the environment, they also smell amazing when you light them.

3. Baking paper

Instead of disposable baking paper I now use silicone baking mats, that I wash after each use. As someone who loves to make foods such as bread and pizza, it feels great to have made the process a greener one. Not having to create waste every time I cook something in the oven is great, and I would recommend for everyone to swap to reusable baking sheets.

4. Aluminum Foil and Cling Film

These two are devils in my eyes. I used to always have both of them in my kitchen, and I probably used them more than I needed to just because they were there. I've stopped buying them, and guess what, I RARELY miss them. There are reusable options for these, of course, but I haven't found that I need them. Lunch and snack boxes can hold most foods I need to store, and I can use them as many times as I want.

5. Sanitary Pads and Tampons

The hype is there for a reason. I feel so much better about myself not creating all this non-recyclable waste each month. I know they're not for everyone, but I've fallen in love with menstrual cups. It saves me from throwing anything away, and it does exactly what I need it to do.

6. Plastic Razor Blades Cartridges

I used to use a plastic razor with those blades that need replacing often (if you want your legs to feel nice). Like a lot of other things on this list, I didn't think I had a lot of options, and had settled with considering this my only solution. Now, I use a metal razor with a wooden handle, and a metal razor cartridge. They also come in paper packaging, meaning I've reduced my plastic waste by a lot. It feels great, and so do my legs.

7. Paper Towels

Not having these on my counter often makes my guests panic a bit if they happen to spill something. Let me tell you, you don't need them. I have actual kitchen towels that I use for wiping up spills, and then throw in the wash. It's a much better solution, both for your wallet and our planet.

8. Plastic Soap Dispensers

This is another one of those that I would mindlessly buy. I don't even want to think about how many empty plastic soap bottles are thrown away in each household a year. This is terribly wasteful. I've switched to soap bars, both for washing my hands and for using in the shower. I feel so much better about seeing less plastic around my flat (soap bars look a lot nicer than the cheap-looking plastic bottles as well), and it's actually saved me a lot of money, as soap bars are way cheaper than the bottles. Granted, you can refill the soap dispensers, or buy reusable dispensers and soap in refill bags, but this still involves its fair share of plastic. For me, the soap bars is the best option.

9. Water Bottles and Take-Out Coffee in Paper Cups

Okay, I'm not saying I never buy these two, but I go out of my way to avoid it. I have a travel mug and a reusable bottle, that I try to bring with me if I know I'll be out for long enough that I'll want water or coffee. A lot of places have water dispensers where you can refill your bottle, which also saves you the money of buying water every time (which really is a ridiculous thing to spend money on, let's be honest). If you don't own any of the items on this list, PLEASE at least buy these two.

10. Plastic Straws

I know the straws aren't technically necessary and we'd be fine drinking without them, but this is just a treat for myself. I also feel that it's better for sweet drinks to not touch my teeth. I have stainless steel straws, and I love them. They add that extra luxury feeling to my iced coffees, and they are guilt-free. By far one of my best purchases this year.

I hope everyone will make better choices for the environment, and do as much as they can to reduce their waste. If you found this list helpful, please leave the article a heart!


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Tone Breistrand

Hi there! I am a Norwegian writer living in London. I like to write about love, Disney and finding happiness.

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