Worst Places for Women to Work in the World

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There are women in the US who are still facing gender wage gaps, but there are countries who are struggling with it more. See the worst places for women to work in the world.

Worst Places for Women to Work in the World

All across the world, there are issues working women face on a day to day basis. Either they aren't being treated properly in the workforce, aren't able to reach a high-level position, and are even sometimes paid less — women literally have it the worst. And if I ever hear a man complain in the workforce, I'm coming after him.

Anyways, the US isn't the only country dealing with these issues. In fact, there are other countries that are worse. So, you can basically say that working women in the US have it the best compared to many other countries. Yet, we still don't. Find out the worst places for women to work in the world — you'll be shocked to know why they're considered the worst.

South Korea

South Korea out of the worst places for women to work in the world is seriously ranked the worst. The majority of office workers in South Korea work from 7 AM to 7 PM. For working mothers with children, this is extremely difficult to balance out. While working to gain an income and pay off bills, mothers still need to be there for their children. Working everyday with these hours can damage the balance working mothers try to maintain.

Aside from the long hours, the lack of childcare and male-dominated businesses force these hardworking women to quit their jobs.


Women in Turkey face inequality, lack of education, family pressure, even domestic violence, therefore, many of these women are unable to obtain a job. More than 70 percent of the women in Turkey have never worked a real job in their life. Most of the time, either the woman’s husband or family doesn’t allow her to work, and other times its from lack of education the family never provided.

Also, the working environment in Turkey isn’t the safest for women — making this country one of the worst places for women to work in the world.


Many women in Japan aren’t getting benefits that comes with working. It’s a challenge for them daily when they aren’t gaining any pregnancy and childbirth treatment.

Also, many women aren’t being hired for the positions that they applied for. Employers are only hiring certain genders for certain positions — leaving some women stuck in a position that they aren’t interested in.

These women are also working long hours and aren’t able to balance it out with the children they have to take care of at home.


Switzerland isn’t the greatest place for working women — it’s near the bottom of the list and one of the worst places for women to work in the world.

Working women face gender wage gaps and are also unable to reach senior management roles. Since women aren't getting the same amount of pay as men, this also causes them to struggle with child care costs and paying off bills.

Gender plays a huge role when it comes to working in Switzerland — giving women less opportunities even as an intelligent hardworker.


Ireland is definitely one of the worst places for women to work in the world.

Working women deal with unfair incomes compared to the men working similar jobs. They’re earning 15 percent less than men — ridiculous.

There’s also a low percentage of working women in Ireland, since many employers hire men for the bigger positions. This leaves women working in less skillful jobs.


Britain has some of the biggest gender equality issues in the working world right now. It’s tough to believe, right?

Women working the same positions as men in a company are gaining less pay. And the wage gap is only widening — for those women with at least one child it leaps to 21 percent.”


Greece is also one of the worst places for women to work in the world. Gender roles plays a big part in this country.

For women, they’re only working in the lowest skill jobs — it’s nearly impossible for any woman to work at a high-level position. Low-skilled jobs like sales and personal care work are just two of the few low-skilled jobs women can find work in.

Almost none of the women with children work, because balancing out the hours and the care their children need is too difficult.

This goes to show that, overall, barely any women in Greece can work at a well-paying, skillful position.


The majority of women in the Netherlands work part-time rather than full-time. Even women with the same education as men are working part-time and it’s not fair. Only a small percentage of women work in a full-time position, and yet even they are still receiving less pay than men.

The majority of women with children only work in part-time positions, because they have to maintain a proper balance between work and caring for their children.


Italy is also considered one of the worst places for women to work in the world.

Only half of Italian women are in the workforce, and the rest are either caring for the house or their children.

Italy as a country doesn’t encourage women to work. The pay for women working is ridiculously low, which is why Italian women don’t bother working. They won’t be gaining the same amount of pay as men.

Czech Republic

Czech Republic is seen to be one of the worst places for women to work in the world.

In fact, women in Czech are the ones who gain the most education, yet they still struggle with gender wage gaps even after being successful. Even though these working women have the same positions as men, they aren’t getting the proper amount of pay that they should.

Also, working women don’t really encourage other women to work, because they weren’t encouraged either. Which makes it upsetting, because women in Czech aren't standing up for each other in this situation — just one of the few things many successful women don't do.

Jacqueline Hanikeh
Jacqueline Hanikeh
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