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World Changer

by Soleira Green about a year ago in feature
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Redesigning, remaking & rebirthing us into something extraordinarily new

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I was born ordinary. Really! Really really ordinary, like if I'd have wanted it, no one would have ever known my name or that I ever existed. I could have played it like that you know. I could have chosen to stay ordinary and hidden in the guise of a regular person pursuing a regular life. But I didn't. You know why? Because some trip lever was triggered in me somewhere back about 35 years ago.

So here I am some 35 years on from that trip lever moment, gazing around in awe at my life and wondering what my good old dad would have made of all this, this life that he set in motion with his death. For today I am a world changer, a transformer of people and lives and cultures and consciousness. Yup that's me. An author of 10 books and another one on the way. With abilities I didn't even know were possible way back then in ordinary land. And friends who take your breath away with their magnificence. Yup, that's me. World changer. Fulfilled to the nth degree like I never thought anyone could be.

But you know what else? Somewhere along the way I got enlightened. Yup, enlightened. That indescribable state that scholars, monks and spiritual gurus spend their lives trying to achieve. How was that even possible for ordinary old me? To have reached a pinnacle of knowledge, understanding, and more is as much of a surprise to me as I'm sure it is to you.

So what is enlightenment anyways? Well from someone who's found themselves on the other side of that door, I can tell you for sure it has nothing to do with academic achievement or the number of books that you've read or written. I could say it happened all at once, one epiphany after another. Downloads is a way I like to talk about it actually. It simply downloaded into me once I stuck my hand up and said "Ok universe, you got me, I'll say yes to your game here on planet Earth. You can count on me to get the job done, whatever it is you want me to do." And then the universe kicked in to give me everything I needed to make it so.

OK, OK, I know. You want me to talk about the practicalities of all this. Of how it shows up in my day to day life, of how I make an impact on the world, of how I run a business helping others to discover the magnificence of themselves, turning their lives from ordinary to extraordinary.

I could tell you I'm a quantum coach, quantum leaping people to levels of themselves and their lives that they never thought they could achieve.

I could squirrel up your brain by mentioning that I'm a future innovator who works with the most amazing people from around the world to source the consciousness that we all get to live into.

I could spark your interest by telling you that I'm an expert on where genius comes from and how to dip into the quantum field to flow through new ideas and possibilities for the planet.

If I did all that, would you understand why I love my life so much, why life on this world is for me nirvana, heaven, bliss, eden? Hah, I know what you're thinking ... this gal's got her head in the sand and blinkers on all the way around. But you would be wrong about that. I am more alive than most people ever dream of being. Happier, fulfilled ... and perhaps that second word is the key one here. I am fulfilled. I have lived a life of epic proportions. I have done things and shaped the future of this world in ways most people never imagine. I have superceded being ordinary. I have discovered myself and others as extraordinary creators, as maestros of magic and miracles even.

I believe in a force that compels us to be greater, to live larger, to be epic and legendary ... not just for ourselves and our self-serving desires, but for all life to thrive on planet Earth now and forever onwards.

Somehow that force found its way into my early adult life and nudged me in the right direction. It captivated me with signs and synergies and synchronicities. It tantalised me with insights and flow, vitality and well being. It kicked my butt out of the 9 to 5 corporate life where I was flailing at what I then deemed to be success and threw me into a life more magical than I could ever imagine. It changed me. Redesigned me. Remade and rebirthed me into someone I am extremely proud to be. It brought people to me who are just spectacular to know ... generous, genius, gorgeous beings who flood this planet with their love and mastery. It made me into a world changer that was never on my horizon in those early years of human life.

Anyone, and I mean anyone, can be this, can do this, can strive for an extraordinary, difference making, super fulfilled life. Everyone can achieve enlightenment. The force is non-discriminatory. In fact it seems to like the phrase 'the more the merrier' as it reaches out its arms t0 embrace one after another after another of the extraordinary beings who inhabit this planet. Now you might not see it that way, particularly if you have your head buried in the nightly news. You might think this world is a mess ... governments all screwed up, the climate in disaster mode and if we don't do something soon about the plastic problem, you're gonna scream. And that's not even mentioning a global pandemic running at the moment.

"How", you might ask, "do you see through such rose coloured glasses to fall in love with this world and the people and all the life forms upon it, when all the evidence points to the contrary?"

Well you see, my glasses aren't rose coloured and I am not just one of those ultra positive people who chooses to see a glass half full. I am a person who sees the glass and shouts "Oh my gosh, there are glasses and there is water. Isn't that just the most amazing thing!"

Isn't that just the most amazing thing!

I am a maestro of creation, a purveyor of possibilities, an innovator of worlds. I live in awe and wonder ... those alchemical elixirs of an extraordinary life. I thrive in contributing to others' world changing capacities. I source, along with many others all over this world, a future that is too exciting to be able to even give words to at this moment. I believe in us, in this world and in this universe to be more stupendously awesome that we can imagine ourselves to be. I live for this. I breathe for this. World changer ... that is me. When I leave this glorious planet I shall do so with the biggest smile on my face, having lived a life I never thought was possible for little old me. World changer ... how about it, you up for that too?


About the author

Soleira Green

I love writing & have written a book called 'The Genius Game' (one of 10 books currently published). I love empowering people to unleash their brilliance into the world. Discover more about me at

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