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Where Can I Find Off Campus Student Apartments Near Minnesota University

Book Student Accommodation in Minneapolis

By ava rosePublished 2 months ago 4 min read
Student Accommodation in Minneapolis

Minneapolis is a thriving city with several options for individuals to seek higher education. Though there are countless reasons to consider attending school in Minneapolis, we've developed a short list to get you started.

With its own unique communities, the University of Minnesota's Twin Cities campus has the feel of a city inside a city. Everyone has its own vibe, speed, and accessibility to various campus facilities like Student Accommodation Minneapolis, dining halls, fitness centers, libraries, and more.

While some students desire to live in the heart of the excitement, others would rather live in a quiet neighbourhood. There is a community where you will feel completely at home, regardless of your preferences and sense of style. You won't be far from nature no matter where you live, since parks, trails, and rivers are all only a short walk, bike ride, or transit stop away.

If you want more privacy and independence, then living off-campus would be your best option. There are many neighbourhood where you can find off campus Student Accommodation Minneapolis. These neighbourhoods include:

West Bank

Middlebrook Hall and the West Bank townhouses are located on a map of the West Bank neighbourhood. One of the most lively neighbourhoods in the Twin Cities is the West Bank, which offers a diverse range of arts, culture, and cuisine.


When considering communities close to the university, this one comes up nearly every time. Just across the Franklin Street bridge from the main UMN campus, this location is ideal for bicycling yet difficult to acquire easier access to. It is a politically liberal and extremely varied community made up of older hippies, immigrants, college students, and everyone in between. The size and quality of its Student Housing Minneapolis options is also very varied, with many of the more appealing properties located closer to the river. Considered to be among the most livable neighbourhoods in the metro area, the Milwaukee Avenue Historic District and the farm-to-table Birchwood Cafe among the neighborhood's most notable features.

Prospect Park/East River Road

Situated on the highest natural land area in Minneapolis, Prospect Park is one of the city's oldest neighbourhoods. It is well-known for its unusual witch's hat water tower, which is claimed to have served as the inspiration for Bob Dylan's song "All Along the Watchtower." Proximity to the UMN Minneapolis campus, Prospect Park boasts diverse architecture, winding streets with hills, and a progressive population. It is also conveniently located near an LRT Green Line stop. It's a small community with high demand and very few available houses. Among its noteworthy architectural designs are residences constructed by Frank Lloyd Wright and Elizabeth Close, a mid-century modern architect from Minneapolis.

Nicollet Island/East Bank

The Nicollet Island/East Bank neighbourhood is situated in the heart of Minneapolis's historical core, just on the river and to the northeast of the flour mill sector. The East Bank, one of the city's smaller neighbourhoods, is primarily made up of townhouses and condominiums. Both brand-new construction and condo conversions rise to the top to enjoy breathtaking views of the downtown area across the river. Nicollet Island is a picturesque 26-acre park with a few old homes, condos, a private high school, and an inn. You should count yourself fortunate to have found Student Rooms in Minneapolis in this urban sanctuary.

Marcy Holmes

An excellent description of the Macy Holmes neighbourhood can also be found on the set of directional signs for the bike route in the upper photo. It features a diverse population of professionals and students, a mix of old and newly constructed homes, and is situated between the downtown riverfront and Dinkytown at the University of Minnesota. It seems natural that a large portion of the population in this neighbourhood is a student body and renter. However, this neighbourhood also has some of the most upscale new riverfront condos and some of the oldest historic residences, which are frequently sought after by UMN teachers.


The most populous neighbourhood on the East Bank, Dinkytown is home to a thriving array of shops, eateries, performance spaces, and athletic arenas. This neighbourhood, which is situated on the north end of campus, is frequently referred to as the University of Minnesota's entrance. Here you will find several Student Accommodation near Minnesota University.

The neighbourhood around University Avenue and 4th Street is completely surrounded by student housing, including many fraternity and sorority homes.

If you are looking for off-campus student housing in Minneapolis then University Living would be the best platform to find your ideal lodging option.


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