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When the Words Stop Churning

Writers Block

By Karli LawPublished about a year ago Updated 12 months ago 3 min read
When the Words Stop Churning
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For a period of time it hits you, then for a hot minute it doesn't. I admit I've been in a slump, not really knowing my next move. I know I love to write and I always have a lot to say about everything but where does my next inspiration come from?

I write from experience, I write from things I know (which is a lot, I do have an stupid amount of knowledge from the most random of things). I love writing about my life experiences, my kids, my family, my garden, my pets or just blurbs that make you think. I love making people think, life is most definitely full of questions, you should approach things with an open mind and open heart.

I wake up everyday and hope that it will hit me like a lightning bolt.


There we go, she's alive!

Alas, nothing--

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I am an extremely intuitive person, I rely on my; head, heart, and gut--to guide me, like when it told me to quit my job and pursue writing. Sure I got things off my chest and got some decent things out there and there was a little reward in that for me. Just for a few people to read a few things that I wrote makes me feel like a million bucks, and there is no doubt when you get a top story--

How does it make you feel?


My smile wide for all to see and I want to scream from the top of the mountains that people care what I have to say. I tell myself I don't write for fame, or follows, I don't write or speak to have people send me viral--I don't care (you truly do get to a point in your life that you just don't care).

I write and talk and spew out random things because I'm autistic as hell and love sharing things I get super passionate about.

Can you blame me?

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What is my intuition telling me now? I'm working again but also trying to build my own consulting business, why? Well because I have an organic way I speak to people that moves them (I mean move in the thinking way not in the physical way). When I'm working and have meetings and I naturally want to lead them, guide them, support them, or even have them talk to me about what's going on in their minds.

I am a good motivator, decent public speaker, as well as a fair writer. People naturally want to talk to me and tell me their life story and while I thought for a long time I wanted to go into counseling, I'm not sure that was going to be the right move.

Helping people with their mental health (while important), didn't seem the right fit for my own personal agenda. Eventually, but not at the moment.

It's almost as if I almost have the right idea on life goals but needing to refine it just a touch. So consulting, or coaching came to my plate when I wasn't even thinking about it. I love talking with people, I love guiding them, I love getting them in touch with themselves, people are always looking for an easy button in life. I'm here to tell you, the life you want is buried in your heart and soul somewhere. Sometimes it just takes pushing that ego aside and taking a leap of faith.

So there you have it, I'm working on building a business based on intuitive coaching, getting out there and guiding people through life's crazy obstacles. Does this mean I'll stop writing? Heck no! I love writing there is something cathartic about it that just feels good, like journaling but for all your beautiful selves!

In the meantime, as I piece together my potential business I sit back and let the cards fall as they may. I play in the garden, you know the place that actually makes things come to fruition.

By Ashkan Forouzani on Unsplash

So I will let my writers block commence and wait patiently for my next lightning bolt to strike. I'll put myself in a music zone and just listen, I sit in nature and listen. I tune in to all the surroundings and take it in. This is fine tuning your intuition, it's waiting for the stars to align, it's burning sage to ward off negativity, or praying to a higher power in hopes your wildest dreams will come true.

"The answers are there, you just have to know where to look." (Special Agent Dana Scully, The X-Files).


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Karli Law

Jack of all trades, know-it-all, call me what you will I prefer to have a little knowledge on all things relatable...or not relatable. I like to call them my Eclectic Adventures! FYI: my music playlists look very much the same.

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