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When Reality Stars Challenge Their Ringmasters:

The Rise of Bold and Entitled Behavior

By Lara Livingstone Published 8 months ago 3 min read

Reality TV has come a long way since its inception in the early 1990s. What started as simple documentary-style shows like "The Real World" and "Survivor" has now evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry with a wide range of formats and genres.

From dating shows like "Bind Date and Love Island" to talent competitions like "Pop Idol," reality TV has become a staple of our entertainment landscape. Over the years, we have witnessed the rise of reality stars who have gained massive popularity and social media influence. catapulted into stardom.

These reality stars, once regular people seeking their 15 minutes of fame, have become household names and social media influencers. Their lives are no longer private, and their every move is scrutinized by the public.

However, with sudden fame and wealth; comes notoriety, a sense of entitlement, and emboldened behavior that can sometimes cross the line. We watched stunned, as Love Island USA host and Modern Family star Sarah Hyland was ‘confronted by contestant Mike Starks for being ‘disrespectful’ when she asked Kay Kay Gray whether she was sure she wanted to self-eliminate herself to leave with her toxic partner Keenan Anunay who’d just been, thankfully voted off.

Hyland maintained her composure snipping back ‘Boys Will Be Boys”.and setting Twitter ablaze in support of her and activating the kind of online backlash at Mike that may sink any potential endorsement deals he might have landed.

One of the key factors contributing to the increasing boldness and entitlement of reality stars is the power of social media. Platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok have given these individuals a direct line of communication with their community of fans.

They can share their opinions, promote brands, and even engage in feuds with other contestants or hosts, asserting their independence as standalone personalities, separate from the main show.

The bold and entitled behavior of reality stars has a profound impact on the audience. On one hand, it can be entertaining to watch the drama unfold on screen, but on the other hand, it can send a message that such behavior is acceptable which it isn’t.

However, if you’re looking at the overall direction of the show, then you have to give a side eye to its producers. In their control of the final cut of the show, moving people and stories around like puppets.

Their primary focus is to manipulate situations, create conflicts, and encourage dramatic behavior for the sake of ratings. This often puts contestants in high-pressure situations, pushing them to act up.

There’s one thing sure to follow reality stars bad behavior - it's a backlash from the audience and the media. Or depending on how bad their behavior was - cancelation. In those worst-case scenarios, money that reality stars face consequences for their actions, such as being dropped from the show or losing endorsement deals. However, in other cases, the controversy can actually boost their popularity and extend their fifteen minutes of fame.

As reality TV continues to evolve, to maintain its format, there’s a need to strike a balance between creating authentic content v ratings winning entertainment. Yes, drama and conflict are integral to the reality genre, but they must not be allowed to take the shine away from the main show.

From the evolution of reality TV to the power of social media and the blurred lines between reality and scripted drama. The increase we are seeing in terms of bold and entitled behavior among reality stars is something that should be acknowledged directly and addressed in a calm, fair, measured fashion - not ignored by producers, showrunners or contestants alike.

Without doing so reality tv runs the risk of becoming a free for all, slurry of bad opinions and physical altercations. Ultimately it will lose sight of its original purpose - to provide true to life, in the moment entertainment.

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