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What is the impact of digital marketing on business growth?

The Importance of Digital Marketing in Business

By nairikaPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

You may have heard a lot about digital marketing, especially today when so many people and businesses are talking about it and their intention to use digital marketing. So you may be wondering why I should use digital marketing and what is the impact of digital marketing on business growth?

What is digital marketing and what are the benefits that make everyone want to use digital marketing methods?

You may also have assumptions about digital marketing in mind, for example:

  • Digital marketing is expensive.
  • This marketing method is a complex and strange method and therefore not everyone can use it.
  • Digital marketing is for large companies and requires high budgets and is not useful for small or medium businesses.
  • Digital marketing will not work for my business because digital marketing cannot be done for the business I work in.
  • Digital marketing is only useful for certain businesses, and for someone who has, for example, a clothing store or furniture manufacturing and repair, the use of digital marketing for these types of jobs does not work.

But I have to tell you that this kind of thinking is wrong. Digital marketing and its methods are useful for all businesses. Even the use of digital marketing methods can lead to the expansion and success of businesses. So whether you own a large, multinational company, or own a small or medium-sized local business, you can use digital marketing methods to grow and succeed your business.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing or digital marketing simply means the use of digital and online tools. With the help of the Internet, these tools can deliver your advertising messages to a wide range of audiences, regardless of time and space constraints. For example, the ads you see on your mobile phone are an example of a digital marketing campaign.

So what is the importance and impact of digital marketing on business growth?

In fact, with advances in technology and technology, if you can not use new marketing methods, your business will be doomed to failure.

Take a look around, online shopping is gradually replacing traditional shopping, and ads such as radio, newspapers and magazines are giving way to online advertising.

Also, most people have a mobile phone and always carry this device with them, whether at home or outside, خرید بک لینک and even when sleeping, they do not separate it from themselves and are constantly using its various applications. As a result, whether they realize it or not, they see a lot of ads on social networks like Instagram. They watch their favorite movies from sites such as Aparat, Namasha, Telubion, etc., which broadcast movies online and 24 hours a day, and in these networks that use video marketing, they see attractive advertisements at the beginning, end and middle. There are movies. Most have an email account and most of the emails they receive have promotional content or are indirectly promoting a product and the sender of the email is using email marketing techniques. So if you do not use digital marketing, given the large number of different businesses and many competitors you have, you will fall behind and eventually be doomed to failure.

Even if you use other marketing methods, using digital marketing along with these marketing methods can strengthen and make your other marketing efforts more effective.

The important point, and the difference between a successful business and a failed business, is that you can turn your potential customers into buyers and ultimately buyers into your loyal customers.

Also keep in mind that if you use other marketing methods, even if you can introduce your products to customers, there is a high probability that you will not be able to convince them to buy your product and ultimately the marketing for your product. Whatever you do, it will not be of any use to you or your business. Because most advertising methods are of a nature that is imposed on others and annoys them, and unfortunately, due to the frequent use of this method by businesses, the audience does not pay attention to it or is fugitive from these ads and avoids seeing them as much as possible.

With the help of digital marketing, you can measure your rate of return.

If you are a business manager or a marketing manager, you know very well the importance of measuring the effectiveness of marketing activities and practices. You can measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns if you have the tools to measure. Unfortunately, this perspective often causes us to become overwhelmed when it's time to start a project. For example, you can not determine how many people have seen your ad on TV and how many of them have become your customers. But digital marketing tools allow you to measure the effectiveness of your ads. For example, in Instagram, the number of visits, the amount of likes is clear, which gives you useful information about the effectiveness of the ad.


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