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What is success? - part 1

everyone can have their own opinion about success. that opinion is the combustion for one’s success

By Cosmin ChildPublished 8 months ago 5 min read
What is success? - part 1
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Success is a state

Success is a state, reflected inside and out. Success means knowing the personal qualities and trusting them which is directly proportional to the work done and the passion for achieving it. Success can be in the hands of any person if it is desired, sought, and consistently pursued, if the opportunities offered are exploited regardless of obstacles. His superficiality is his enemy, as is his distrust or hope of acquiring it only by luck. Those who get it are those who do not believe in a closed-door, and if they can’t open it from the first attempt, they don’t give up, they come a second time, more prepared and with the key to them. Some see a new chance every day, those who know how to appreciate every success, no matter how small, turning it into a step towards the top. A peak looked at with wide eyes, a trained mind, and sincerity.

Success is the output of life’s algorithm!

When someone talks about “success”, it usually refers to an important position in the eyes of the world, or to a job from which comes a lot of money and all the material pleasures and comfort that they involve. Seen from a deep perspective of vocation, it is an individual thing that has different meanings for each.

Ideas come first. Then dreams awaken the imagination. Imagination urges action. And actions determine achievements.

The algorithm of life steps is a combination of iterations and recursions and maybe this is what makes it efficient in some cases and unsatisfactory in others. Analyzing the input data, we establish our steps and thus create strategies. The steps are put on a list of priorities that we improve periodically. And yet a list is not enough for us, life has many “ramifications”. And to “gather” all the experiences, it is necessary to go through its tests. The most difficult decisions to make are at the time of review. Which algorithm to choose? And how exactly to use the information we collect? We will find new opportunities for exploration, and loops that ensure that we improve our browsing through feedback. We will design a compiler to analyze and interpret data from the outside world. And from the initial state, having only the input data, the algorithm assures us that we have enough information to be able to find the output. Confidence in the steps ensures us an optimal route, and the lines of code trace our trajectory.

Life is full of options and choices. YOU are the one who writes and rewrites the program! Dare to create!

Success is learned!

Success is learned! A healthy trust is a basis on which we can build our path to success. Success is not a goal, but a journey that can last a lifetime.

We can touch it if, whenever we leave home, we pull our chin back, bring our head up and fill our lungs with as much air as possible, take a deep breath of sunlight; we greet our friends with a smile, and we put our whole heart into a heartbreak. Let us not be afraid that we will be misunderstood and not waste a moment thinking about our enemies. Let’s try to clarify exactly what we want to do, and then, without deviating from the chosen direction, move towards the proposed goal. Let’s focus on the splendid things we want to do and then, as the days go by, we will find ourselves taking advantage of every possible opportunity to fulfill our ideals. To create within ourselves the image of the capable, loyal and useful person we want to become, and only this thought, deeply borne in mind, will transform us, every hour, into that individual we dreamed of. Thought holds supremacy. Keeping the right mental attitude — a brave, sincere and benevolent attitude. To think correctly is to create. All things come through desire and any sincere prayer will be heard. We model ourselves according to the ideal we carry in our hearts. Let’s keep our heads up!

“Success is not the result of spontaneous burning. You have to start your fire.”

Success is: The fastest way to success.

First of all, to be successful in a field, you have to have performance. The first way to reach performance is work. Working in a certain field is the most important thing to be successful, as also money.


SUCCESS is the answer to everything that was, everything that you are, and everything that you will be. You have to come to understand it, the natural laws. “People will cease to exist when they are no longer entrepreneurs.” We have freedom of action. Each of us offers a range of “services” but it all comes down to the “price” we are willing to offer. We can learn that everything comes down to the “transfer of ideas” and the power to communicate, we shout that we are so poor. “Aren’t we richer than ever? lacks “COURAGE. The resources that are inside us must be identified. Whoever has the information has the POWER.

The business idea is important …

EVERYTHING but absolutely everything that represents us must be enriched every day. Even if our resources will be our own or attracted. An idea ..and this must be unique, so you must start to be unique … But to put an idea into practice you have to be prepared to abandon it if it does not give expected results. Even if it is very profitable at the beginning you will have to be able to give it up, if at some point it starts to have moments of decline. it is not worth as much as you feel it is worth, An idea is not stronger than when its time came

Success is: illusion

Not so long ago, a friend taught me an important lesson “in life you should not seek to be a successful man, but a MAN OF VALUE”. Success is an illusion, which comes, which passes — but the value is what leaves traces.

Success is learned

Success is learned. You have to get used to it in the first place. Just as we have bad habits that we can hardly give up, so can success. We must make a “habit” of being successful until it becomes part of our being. Every day we must identify success and understand that it can become part of our habits.

Ways we can achieve success:

  1. accepting success as a habit
  2. work
  3. trust
  4. patience
  5. the desire to be successful
  6. positive attitude

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