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What is Facebook Business Suite?

Here you will learn everything you need to know about the Facebook business suite

By Ann R.Published 2 years ago 7 min read

If you’re managing social accounts on Facebook, Instagram, or both, you'll likely like the management dashboard that's Facebook Business Suite.

This free tool offers some powerful features for professional users. It can’t tackle all of your daily social media needs, but it can help a lot. Let’s examine how Facebook Business Suite can help your business and after you might have to add other tools into the combination.

Looking for a more robust thanks to managing your Instagram, Facebook marketing, and Social Media Marketing?

Have you ever heard about Facebook Business Suite as an Internet Marketing platform?

In this article, you’ll learn what Facebook Business Suite is, how it compares to Creator Studio and Business Manager, and whether it’s the proper tool for your small business direct.

What Is Facebook Business Suite?

Ever since Facebook acquired Instagram back in 2012, marketers and tiny business owners are trying to find ways to create the 2 platforms that work together more smoothly. Sure, you'll cross-promote your posts from one channel to the opposite but doing so has always been clunky and frequently requires another app to urge it right.

At F8 2019, Mark Zuckerberg opened with a keynote centered on connection and privacy, during which he revealed the company’s ultimate decision to merge all of their messaging apps into one tool. In September 2020, Facebook made huge strides toward that goal once they started rolling out the power for some select accounts to message across apps.

Around the same time, Facebook announced their newest management platform, Facebook Business Suite, which is meant to make it easier and faster for tiny businesses to manage their presence on Facebook and Instagram.

According to Sheryl Sandberg, who is a chief operating officer at Facebook, Business Suite will allow small businesses “to post to Facebook and Instagram at the identical time, and manage and receive messages, notifications, and alerts in one place. they'll also easily see what’s working and learn what’s resonating with customers with Facebook and Instagram insights.”

Due to the worldwide pandemic, more people have found themselves online using social media than ever before. That has meant more interaction with brands, more messages to businesses, and more people shopping online. Facebook Business Suite helps small businesses sustain the increased demand for their online presence and also save time by providing a centralized platform from which they will access and monitor their social inboxes, post engagement, and insights.

Facebook Business Suite Vs Facebook Business Manager

As we just said, Facebook Business Suite is meant to switch to Facebook Business Manager. In fact, the link that wants to take you to Business Manager now points to Business Suite by default.

So what’s changed? In their new interface for business, Facebook has provided a more unified tool designed to handle all commercial activity for Facebook and Instagram.

Here are a number of the key changes:

Home screen

The home screen now features plenty more information. you'll be able to see notifications for your Facebook Page and your Instagram account, moreover as summaries of your recent posts and ads, and a few basic performance insights.


The new unified Inbox includes direct messages from Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger, in addition to comments from your Facebook Business Page and Instagram Business account, all on one page.

From the Inbox, you'll find automated messages and add a Facebook chat plugin to your website.


The Insights screen in Business Suite provides a more unified view of organic and paid posts on Facebook and Instagram, together with information about your audience on both platforms.

Facebook Business Suite vs. Facebook Creator Studio

While the Facebook Business Suite is an all-in-one tool for managing your Facebook and Instagram professional accounts, Creator Studio offers content tools specifically for content creators. In particular, Creator Studio offers monetization features not available in Facebook Business Suite.

Digital Marketing Jacksonville professionals got a whole comparison chart at the top of this post, but here are the key differences you must know about:

Posting and scheduling

Both the Business Suite and the Creator Studio allow you to form and schedule posts for Instagram and Facebook.

Business Suite also allows you to make and schedule Stories for both Facebook and Instagram. Creator Studio only allows you to form and schedule Stories for Facebook.

There don't seem to be as many Story editing options in Business Suite as there are within the Instagram app itself, but text, cropping, and a limited selection of stickers are available.


Both Business Suite and Creator Studio offer insights into your Facebook and Instagram accounts. However, Business Suite permits you to compare Facebook and Instagram on one screen, whereas on Creator Studio, they seem on two different tabs.

Business Suite also offers way more detailed insights, especially if you tend to post photos instead of video — Creator Studio insights are limited to the page and video level.

If you wish insights for ads you’re running on Facebook and Instagram, you’ll find them in Business Suite but not Creator Studio.

Monetization and shops

Monetization is merely available in Creator Studio, whereas you'll be able to only manage your shop from Business Suite.

Content resources

Creator Studio offers a royalty-free music library, still as a resource for gamers to line up tournaments.

Business Suite doesn't offer content assets, but it does highlight Stories from similar brands that you just might want to model, similarly to publicly available content suggestions to share as a part of your content curation strategy.

So, remember: there’s plenty of overlap between Business Suite and Creator Studio. But follow the names of the tools. If you’re doing serious work on your business, you most likely want to use the Business Suite. If you’re more focused on creating and monetizing content, Creator Studio is probably the higher choice.

You can use both the tools, so just choose whichever one works best for your purpose on a given day.

How to get a Facebook Business Suite?

Facebook Business Suite is on the market on desktop or mobile.

On desktop

To get access, just log into a Facebook account related to your business. Then, to access the Business Suite on the desktop.

Like we said above, this can be the identical link that won't to points to Facebook Business Manager. It now automatically redirects you to Facebook Business Suite unless you specifically favor reverting to Business Manager.

On mobile

You can access the Facebook Business Suite on mobile through the Business Suite Facebook app, which replaces the Facebook Page Manager app. The Page Manager app isn't any longer available to download.

Who should use Facebook Business Suite?

Facebook Business Suite may be a very great tool for anyone using Facebook and/or Instagram as their primary social media marketing and advertising platforms.

Suppose you’re primarily a content creator, or you’ve monetized your Facebook and Instagram accounts through brand collaborations and advertising. In this case, you may likely find Creator Studio to be a more useful gizmo. However, the more detailed analytics in the Business Suite will facilitate your better understanding of how your content performs.

And if you’re also using social channels not owned by Facebook (Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.), you’ll likely like a third-party social media management platform that enables you to manage and analyze all of your accounts together.

So, the perfect user for Facebook Business Suite could be a small business owner or social media manager focused on professional Facebook and Instagram accounts.


Facebook Business Suite is rolling out slowly—first to small businesses and so eventually to larger businesses. Right now, if you’ve been converted from Facebook Business Manager to Facebook Business Suite, you'll be able to still switch back to Business Manager if you must (switching back will prompt Facebook to ask you to supply feedback about why you’re making the switch).

However, even with timelines, Creator Studio, and also the new Facebook layout, eventually, Facebook will make the change permanent and mandatory. So if you have already got access to Business Suite, I like to recommend you create the switch and begin getting want to it. Little during this world is more frustrating than trying to find a replacement layout or tool when you’re on a deadline or within the middle of an oversized campaign.

It’s still unclear whether Facebook Business Suite will replace Facebook Creator Studio or if the 2 will simply be integrated to figure in tandem. For now, familiarize yourself with how content creation works within the Business Suite, except for more in-depth insights, keep on with Creator Studio.

And finally, Facebook Business Suite is best-suited for those businesses that try to streamline their management across Facebook properties says the experts from Digital Marketing Agency Jacksonville. However, if you’re already using another social media management tool to watch and manage your business across multiple channels, especially channels outside of the Facebook network, you'll want to peek inside the Business Suite to familiarize yourself with a number of the functions, but I wouldn’t worry about making a switch removed from your favorite tool just yet.

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