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What is Android Apps Development Cost?

Android Apps Development

By Vertexplus TechnologiesPublished 2 years ago 2 min read

Description: apps and app development costs are prominent especially as more and more businesses and people get online to do a large chunk of their business tasks. Besides, as Mobile App Development Company is the best way to stay connected and finish several tasks, it also avails many other advantages and benefits. The question remains of how much it costs to build an android app.

Android apps are written and designed from basic, medium to complex app developments premises. That means the rates, features, elements and technologies will vary perhaps depending on brands to be adapted or compatible with. But let’s just begin with the essential and basic features and elements of android apps.

Essential Features and Elements of Android Apps

a) Coding Language

Android apps use a variety of coding languages like Java, and C++.

b). Colour Design & Simplicity

App designs, colour schemes as well as ease and simplicity of use will also affect and determine an apps relevance and appeal.

c). Processing Speed

App processing speed as it tells the successful usability in high demanding adaptations and uses.

e). Resolution and Clarity

The clearer the resolution and clarity the higher the appeal quotient especially with social media and e-commerce and many other uses.

f). App Security

App security is crucial for a variety of modern functions especially those requiring verification of user identity and data. Online safety is now taken seriously.

g). Update Notifications

Regular notifications make apps more convenient and better to use.

h). Flexibility and Adaptability

The flexibility and adaptability in code ensure apps are means to easily operate across technologies and devices

i). Search Options and Feedback

There are several feedback and search options that make android apps usable across devices.

Factors Affecting and Determining Android Apps Development Cost

1. Supported Platforms

Some android platforms have cross-platform functions and usage or adaptation. They are cross-functional across platforms. Some apps are Android platform-specific whereas others can be cross-platform and support both Android and iOS platforms.

2. Functionality and Use

The more the apps functionality and the complexity of using the more or higher will likely be its final costs. In short extended or incorporated functions and usages cost a lot and take up development time and resources.

3. Integration Possibility

When apps have options to add or integrate with third-party software their costs rise. The options have to address security concerns and seamless integration capabilities.

4. Complex Visual Objects

There are several other apps aspects especially visual expression and presentation that determine Android app development cost. The more difficult and complex the visual objects the higher will be the app development cost.

5. Adaptable Smartphone Hardware

Today there are several smartphone models, editions and brands alive in the marketplace. All carry various standard and advanced features and technology. This can also vary the cost of developing apps as various are either compatible or require advanced technology.

6. Long Term Maintenance

Addressing the issue of long term app maintenance is also another vital aspect that determines overall app development cost.


In end, there are several elements and functions of Android apps that either limit or expand the cost of developing the app. For an Android App Development Company, app development is subject to project complexity and technologies to be adapted.


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