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Unlocking the Secret to Consistently Achieving 1,000 Daily Page Views on Your Blog"


By CRICKET ONLYPublished 9 months ago 3 min read
Unlocking the Secret to Consistently Achieving 1,000 Daily Page Views on Your Blog"
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5 ways to get 1000-1200 blog traffic every day

These 5 ways will help you get 1000-1200 blog traffic every day. I personally use these methods to increase traffic to my blog and these tips will help you increase traffic to your website. [VIDEO] Get 1000 visitors a day on your blog posts with these 5 free websites without ranking your article

Using Reddit:

Reddit is a social networking site like any other social platform. Reddit's main target is people living in developed countries. There are no rules for posting links to a subreddit unlike posting to other Quora spaces. Reddit has "Subreddits," which is a community created for people with similar interests, more like Quora spaces. You join any subreddit and post your links. A YouTuber received 100,000 traffic through her videos by posting them on Reddit. One of my friends uses Reddit to get more views on her YouTube video and she made over $100 in a single day when one of her videos went viral on the platform. Reddit is a good platform that gives a good boost to content creators to get more traffic and also earn more money by posting content online. Getting 1000-1500 page views per day is very possible with Reddit if you share your content across multiple subreddits, a subreddit is like a Facebook group where people with similar interests meet and can share content there.

Using Quora Spaces:

Quora Spaces are more like Subreddits, but Quora is promoting it a lot and making it more search friendly as well. You can drive traffic to your blog posts (Quora allows you to add links to your blog posts), and you can drive that amount of traffic every day. I have a space on Quora with over 152,000 followers and it is generating good traffic for me. I can even earn money by writing on Quora Spaces. You can check out my Quora Spaces related content like;

How to make money writing in spaces on Quora? Using Pinterest:

I've already written about the benefits of using Pinterest marketing. Every day I post 10-15 pins on Pinterest and now I get 10,000 impressions every day. This is the power of using Pinterest to drive more traffic to your blog posts or any entity you own. If you've never heard of Pinterest as a blogger or marketer, I think you're missing out on some great opportunities. One of the benefits of posting on Pinterest is that it gives you an opportunity to rank your pin in search engines. Once ranked in search engines, you can easily get 1000-1200 page views on your blog posts or wherever you have published content online. Create your Facebook groups:

If you look at the pattern, every social media platform wants to build a recognized community with a similar interest. Reddit, Quora, Twitter and Facebook, all these social networks have a feature where you can be part of the community. Build a community, post about things that matter to the community, and share the links on Facebook, Quora, and Reddit.

Facebook groups have a very similar structure. Build a community based on similar interests and then share your blog posts. You can get evergreen traffic to your blog through this method. I have a Facebook group with over 5000 followers and it generates 100-150 blog visitors every day.

Using Medium to increase traffic to your blog

Medium has good domain authority which makes it the best platform to write unique blog posts and add blog links in that unique Medium story and get more passive traffic. As I write a story on Medium, I already know it will rank in Google search. This way, you can generate hundreds of visitors every day and earn more. All these mention methods are free, you may not get good blog traffic in one week, but if you work continuously, after one month, you will have good blog traffic.

Medium is one of the platforms that gives you the opportunity to earn money by writing on their platform, but for this you just have to write on the platform and don't add any blog links, if you don't want to limit your articles under the paywall, you can add the links of your blog and as a means like a High Authority Domain helps you rank in Google and other search engines. I hope this helps.

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