Top Five Reasons Why People Hate Working in Retail

by Sloane Hayley 3 years ago in workflow

(If you don't relate to this, let's switch jobs.)

Top Five Reasons Why People Hate Working in Retail

Working in retail is like the forbidden forest to some. "I'll never work in retail" has come out of my mouth quite a few times in my life. Alas, here I am, working at Target, and writing this article about why it sucks.


Whether it's Easter, Halloween, Christmas, or even Memorial Day, the store will be overflowing with people. Especially the day before AND the day of. It blows my mind that people wait to the last day to get their "needs." Things aren't on sale until after, what are you doing? Stop asking me why it isn't 30% off.

Reason 2: Feeling like Everyone Should Know Where Everything Is

Because everyone in the world works here, right? Just the other day a woman came to me and said, "Do you guys have a section for books?" In my head I was like, "Of course we have a damn section for books, why are eve—" get the point.

Reason 3: Pushing the Same Objects to the Same Shelves for like Three Days Straight

Now, especially this time of year (especially at Target), we are literally overflowing with candy. Halloween candy, Thanksgiving candy, Christmas candy, we even have broadly "fall" candy. I have spent my last week putting the same candies in the same spot, and I swear I get a sugar high just from smelling it for eight hours straight. The same goes for any new brand; everyone gets it quick and you have to pray to the retail gods that you don't have to start telling EVERYONE that you are out of stock, whilst also praying that box of candy will fall on your head and knock you out for the rest of your shift.

Reason 4: Getting Calls from Other Stores

Now, I don't mind when I have to call them, but when another Target calls me looking for that new Batman toy that just came out yesterday, while six other people in MY store are looking for the same thing? It's like, my people need me, man. Be there for your own people and leave me out of it. You're an hour away from us, these people are really going to come here for this toy instead of getting it online? Buy a computer.

Reason 5: Your Break

Now, obviously breaks are our saviors. 30-40 minutes of pure, non-retail bliss, but I swear, I sit in my car on my break thinking, "just drive away and don't look back, they'll never know. I mean yeah, you can't shop here ever again but will it really hurt that much?" Every single break. Then I remember that I'm broke, and I do that walk of shame back inside feeling like I am a sinner for those thoughts.

With all that said, I do love my job. That will never stop me from complaining about it, but I am thankful to be making any kind of money. If you relate, send me a gift or let me know you liked it! Plenty more to come.

Sloane Hayley
Sloane Hayley
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