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Top 3 Mahindra Tractor Model in India - Price & Features

by Sanvendra Singh Rasia 11 months ago in business
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Mahindra Tractor's models Specifications In India

Mahindra Tractor is the most popular and versatile tractor manufacturer, which is very famous among all Indian farmers for its price and performance. Mahindra Tractor Company was established in 1945, and since then till date, this company is fulfilling all the needs of many farmers and business owners and living up to their expectations.

This company offers a wide range of the tractor which is suitable for all the challenging farming operations. Many farmers and business owners used these tractors because they have excellent performance and low fuel mileage. Moreover, Mahindra tractor company provides many advanced features for its tractor to run longer and provide sustainable crop solutions.

Necessary Aspects of Mahindra Tractor

Mahindra offers a broad range of tractors ranging between 15 HP - 75 HP. In addition, the company included various types of tractor for different farming purposes, like a mini tractor for small farm purposes, a utility tractor for medium farm purposes and a heavy-duty tractor for significant farm purposes. The Mahindra tractor has excellent working efficiency and increased fuel mileage. As a result, this tractor delivers exceptional performance and economical mileage in the field.

The engine of this tractor comes with highly advanced technological solutions that run longer and provide a high yield. As a result, the Mahindra tractor is powerful and enough to do many jobs without any interruption. Furthermore, with the help of advanced technology, this tractor is continuously upgraded by the company. Therefore, its performance is never less in complicated farming operations. Apart from this, the Mahindra tractor price is affordable in the Indian tractor market according to the demand of the farmers and customers.

Most Popular Mahindra Tractor Models in India

The Mahindra tractor is considered one of the most selling models of Mahindra. The company offers various types of tractor series with the best quality like Mahindra 475 DI, Mahindra Arjun 555 DI, Mahindra JIVO 245 DI, Mahindra 275 DI TU and so on. Here we are discussing the popular tractor modes that are.

Mahindra JIVO 245 DI

The list starts with the Mahindra JIVO 245 DI tractor. It has many advanced features that easily handle all the farming equipment providing huge yield. This tractor has a valuable place in the Indian vehicles market due to its price range and excellent performance. The engine of this tractor is loaded with many advanced features providing profitable farming yield.

  • Mahindra Jivo has a 24 HP engine power comes with a 2 cylinder engine providing increased mileage with low maintenance.
  • The engine of this tractor can generate a high 2300 engine rated RPM.
  • It has 8 Forward + 4 Reverse gearbox and Oil Immersed Brakes that provide adequate grip in the field.
  • The fuel tank of this tractor is 23 litres that deliver significant working hours in the farm field.
  • It has a power steering providing an easy and smooth response.
  • The Mahindra Jivo tractor price range is between Rs. 3.90 Lakh* - 4.05 Lakh*.

Mahindra 265

The second tractor on the list is the Mahindra 265 tractor. This tractor is powerful, reliable, and robust. The performance of this tractor is excellent in any atmosphere and any place. It is equipped with an efficient and powerful engine that is more comfortable to handle farming operations. This tractor maintains its value in the Indian market of the vehicle due to its easy reach to the customers.

  • Mahindra 265 has a 2048cc engine capacity and comes with a 3 cylinder engine to handle rough fields.
  • This tractor has 30 hp engine power that can generate 1900 high rated RPM.
  • The steering of this tractor is potent, providing easy and fast functioning in the field.
  • In addition, it comes with Oil Immersed Brakes and 8 Forward + 2 Reverse gearbox to protect the operator from accidents.
  • It has a 45-litre huge fuel tank capacity providing excellent working hours in the field.
  • The Mahindra 265 tractor price range is between Rs. 4.70 Lakh* - Rs. 4.90 Lakh*.

Mahindra 475

Mahindra 475 tractor is an agricultural tractor that includes excellent working efficiency with economic mileage and low maintenance. This tractor easily handles all the farming equipment like harvester, cultivator planter and haul easily. This tractor's engine consists of highly advanced mobility solutions that deliver outstanding working efficiency and do the profitable farming business for the farmers.

  • Mahindra 475 tractor is a 42 hp tractor with 4-cylinders and 2730 CC engine, handling unfavourable farming conditions like weather, climate, surface and soil.
  • This tractor is loaded with power steering, which provides smooth handling and fast response.
  • It is loaded with Dry Disc Brakes / Oil Immersed brakes to prevent slippage. It comes with 2 WD variants.
  • It has a dual-clutch, which provides smooth and easy-to-use functioning. Also, it has a robust gearbox with 8 Forward + 2 Reverse gears.
  • Mahindra 475 tractor price range is between Rs. 5.45 Lakh* - Rs. 5.80 Lakh*.

These are some remarkable Mahindra tractor models which are very famous in the Indian tractor market. We believe this information is essential for you. If you want to know more related details on Mahindra tractors, please visit Here you can also check these Mahindra tractors online and also check used Mahindra tractors.


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