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Top 10 Mobile Responsive Themes for Shopify

by Atul Poharkar about a year ago in business
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Nearly 60% of all ecommerce traffic now comes from mobile devices. In 2018, around 53.7% of US shoppers made purchases on their mobiles2. It goes without saying that there’s no way you can put off optimizing your mobile app in 2019. When customers visit your app, they expect it to be responsive to their needs and form factor.

The good news – it’s incredibly easy to choose a responsive theme for your Mobile App for Shopify. With more than 50 themes in 140+ styles, the Shopify Theme Store gives you plenty of options to boost traffic to your app. But herein lies a dilemma. How do you choose from a sea of free and paid Shopify themes (all of which look great)?

To help you decide, we’ve put together a list of the best mobile-responsive themes for your Shopify mobile app. Let’s get started.


First on our list is Venture, a bold theme with a contemporary look. A versatile theme, this can be used for several types of products and categories on your store with easy customization options. It also lets you design a layout that works well for any device and a stunning homepage slideshow to attract customers. Other prominent features offered by Venture are typography options, drop-down menus with multiple columns, and a promotional bar. Users can navigate quickly across the website with the help of the drop-down menus. The theme supports 3 different styles: Boxing, Outdoors, and Snowboards.


Great typography options

Promotional bar

Drop-down Menus with multiple columns

Quick navigation


Lack of subtle layouts

Not very versatile; more suited for sports stores

You can view the demo for each style and get this theme here.


What makes Symmetry an amazing Shopify theme is that it was designed with the best e-commerce practices in mind. It boasts of four responsive styles – Beatnik, Chantilly, Salt Yard, and Duke – each of which can be a fantastic fit for your mobile store. During the design process, you are given numerous options for homepage design, scrolling rows, and fonts. Symmetry also has other excellent features such as live search, different views for product collections, and a slideshow for the homepage.


Live search option

Different views for product collections

Slideshow for the homepage

Various options for design customization


Absence of blog-related features

More suited for clothing stores than others

You can view the demo for each style and get the theme here.


With Boundless, you can make the best product photographs the highlight of your store. The theme’s sleek, minimalistic design gives your store a thoroughly professional feel. The layout is subtle yet bold, which is sure to appeal to customers. Boundless also features a fading slideshow on your homepage and edge-to-edge collection pictures. The template can be used in most devices and has some good typographical options. You can easily customize the template, including the fonts and colors. Boundless is offered in 2 styles: Vibrant and Black and White.


Edge-to-edge collection pictures

Fading slideshow for the homepage

Minimalistic design

Good typography options


Excessive focus on pictures

Lack of versatile styles

You can view the demo for each style and get this theme here.


When it comes to attracting customers to your store, less can really be more. Minimal is a free responsive theme that gives your store a sleek, trendy look, be it on desktop or mobile. The best part is that it offers plenty of flexibility in terms of presenting products. With Minimal, you can customize your store with layout options, typography choices, navigation styles, product and collection views, etc. It comes in 3 attractive styles: vintage, fashion, and modern.


Sleek and trendy look

Product and collection views

Various navigation styles

Flexibility in presenting products


Inadequate navigation capabilities from the footer

Poor customer support

You can view the demo for each style and get this theme here.


Supply is another free theme best suited for businesses with a large inventory of products across categories. – it offers smooth navigation across product categories, ensuring a good user experience for your customers. The theme is quite flexible and lets you add new products even after the website goes live. It offers sidebar filtering, several homepage collections, and easy integration with Shopify’s product reviews app. Supply is ideal for luxury products like jewelry. The theme has 2 different styles: Blue and Light.


Sidebar filtering

Several homepage collections

Easy integration with Shopify’s product reviews app

Excellent user interface


More suitable for luxury stores than others

Limited customization capabilities

You can view the demo for each style and get this theme here.


Pop is good for businesses with a small to medium-size inventory. Remarkably user-friendly and responsive, Pop supports a ‘fly-out’ shopping cart to help users check out more easily. It is flexible to use as well, and you can experiment with different options for your homepage’s layout. Navigation across the website is simple and easy; users can use the large sidebar to access your products and categories easily. It features 2 different styles: Bone and Toy.


Impressive customization options

Easy checkout with ‘fly-out’ shopping cart

Simple and easy navigation

User-friendly interface


Limited sidebar layout options

Not suited for businesses with large inventories

You can view the demo for each style and get this theme here.


The Simple theme is just that – simple yet elegant while being responsive. If you want to avoid having an unnecessarily extravagant or complex store, you should go with this theme. Users are particularly impressed with its clean interface. A unique feature offered by Simple is letting you highlight sub-categories for products that are tagged. The theme also consists of sleek animations that look great on a mobile screen. It has 2 different styles: Light and Beauty.


Mobile-responsive styles

Excellent customization

Simple and clean layout

Sleek animations


Weak look and feel for the checkout page

Navigation problems arise over time

You can view the demo for each style and get this theme here.


Canopy is amongst the most versatile and flexible premium themes offered by Shopify. It is compatible with all kinds of inventories, regardless of size. The theme lets you define the order of each row on your website’s homepage. You can enable or disable any row’s content based on your store’s needs at the time. Canopy offers large menus with convenient links to other pages and categories. A great advantage is that customers can add items to their cart quickly, without having to exit the page they are at. The theme comes in 3 responsive styles: Kiln, Elda, and Thread.


Excellent flexibility

Unique and responsive styles

Quick addition of items to cart

Suitable for inventories of all sizes


Poor customer support

Lack of modern features such as sub-menus

You can view the demo for each style and get this theme here.


District boasts of the unique capability of Instagram integration. With District, you can give your website a fresh, dynamic, and professional look. The theme is highly customizable with features such as the mobile-responsive slider amongst others. You can market your products effectively with features such as a promotional banner at the top of your home page, popup promotional messages, and a collection gallery. Another great advantage of District is the impressive customer support it has. It can be used in 3 different styles: Coast, Energy, and District.


Impressive customer support

Mobile-responsive slider

Popup promotional messages

Ideal for showcasing featured products



Not suitable for new businesses

You can view the demo for each style and get this theme here.


Colors is a great theme to choose if you are just starting out and prefer setting your website up easily. The theme is very easy and convenient to use as well. As suggested by the name, it is a colorful theme that brightens your product photographs on different devices. Colors comes with several features related to products such as product reviews, product slides, etc. With this theme, users are allowed simple and easy navigation for your customers. It has an active and punctual customer support team as well to help solve any problems or queries you might have. It consists of 3 styles: Fluor, Pastel, and Generic.


Simple and easy navigation

Product reviews and slides

Active support team

Convenient to use


Restricted customization capabilities

More suitable for new businesses than others

You can view the demo for each style and get this theme here.

Mobile Needs Your Attention

Now that you know the top mobile responsive themes on Shopify, start zeroing in on one based on the features you need and the nature of your business. Choose the best theme for your Shopify store and leave your customers with an amazing shopping experience.


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