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The Underestimated Facts About the Plumbing Industry

The constant growth and development of the plumbing industry have been leading enormous businesses to collaborate and become business partners with them.

By Edward ThomasPublished 4 years ago 3 min read
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The plumbing industry is a highly strong economic engine that provides jobs, livelihood, and business opportunities and has been providing in the long run, to millions of people and businesses in the world. Well, it has been a big part of the economy because it is a big part of society. The plumbing industry and sanitation systems deliver the entire population with a waste-free and disease-free system to reside.

There are 154,000 plumbing businesses alone in the USA. The constant growth and development of this industry have been leading enormous businesses to collaborate and become business partners with them. Among the great turns that the plumbing industry has taken, this year is one of the biggest impacts. In this article, we are going to see the top trends in the plumbing industry of the USA.

1.Water leak detection smart devices have entered the industry

Among the many innovations and inventions, the water leak detector is one of the greatest of them. Plumbing can never be the same after the water leak detector, and it will also be solving the critical issue of plumbers around the world. Fire alarms are pretty common now but imagine having a detector for water leaks. Leak detectors are where water damage could start like the laundry room, bathroom, and much more.

Well, it is astounding how these evolving technologies and plumbers are connected. Anyone selling a leak detector, or brain pipe, or anything with plumbing will tend to reach out to reach plumbers, the core decision-makers of the purchase. Plumbers can influence the sales of such products in no time, and this is why the Plumbers Email Database is one of the most sought in the market.

2. The Greywater System is Turning Heads

A greywater system is designed to divert waste either to irrigation or recycling systems. Greywater is the water from the basins, baths, and showers that is piped to a surge tank. The surge tanks are emptied each time it has emerged in a treatment system. This proves the plumbing industry is growing towards wellness.

3. The Demand for Smart Plumbing Fixtures has grown

Gen X and Y are buying their second and third homes now, and Gen Z is on their way to purchasing new homes. No one wants to comply with traditional methods in a rapidly growing world, even when it comes to plumbing fixtures.

The plumbing market now offers smart toilets that conserve water and tankless water heaters. Tankless water heaters are slowly gaining share in a global market. They have also proven to run more efficiently and appeal to the majority of the population.

4. The Promising Job Outlook Gives Out a Flourishing Plumbing Industry

There is a never-ending loop of job opportunities in the plumbing industry. The job outlook is at 14% and is known to go a steady mile yet until 2029. At the same time, it is the baby boomer age, and 75% of the tradespersons are expected to retire in the next ten years. Plumbing companies are building a strong company culture to attract and retain their best hires in the long run.


Businesses in 2020 do not mind going the extra mile to connect with plumbers. It is because plumbers pose a vast set of opportunities in the market. They have the power to influence the buying decisions of consumers they can also influence the companies they work.

Though the plumbing industry is ruling technology, plumbers still give a high focus on providing good customer service, performing quality work, and educate consumers about new products in the market. The businesses that recognize this aspect of plumbers tend to sway towards them to make more sales of their products and services.


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