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The Ultimate Slaves of 9 to 5

by Gaurav Sharma 5 years ago in career / economy / industry / satire
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Some stuff happened with me at work and I am a bit frustrated today. But that incident made me think of our lives at the workplace. Today’s incident helped me see the bigger picture and understand the dynamics of the work-chain.

You work for an organisation which is not organised in any way. You have a boss and your boss has another boss who works under another boss and the list goes on until it reaches the founder/CEO/owner of that organisation. When something (which drags these bosses out of their comfort zone) happens, your boss yells at you to release his frustration. He yells at you because he can’t raise his voice on his boss who was earlier scolded by his boss. Who cares?… Let’s get straight to the point. I want to make this one thing clear to my readers that this write-up (or whatever it is) reflects my own views and has nothing to do with my boss who happens to be an ugly skunk and certainly, an asshole!

So to begin with, I am just another guy who has big dreams and ambitions so as to become someone with something notable in his life. As I grew older, I discovered that the civic patterns of this so called modern society are directed to perpetuate a political and corporate system of indentured servitude. I tried not to fall prey to the system but circumstances were such that I could not do much to keep myself from entering it.

Gradually, I found myself trapped in a deception. A deception that almost made me believe that I was born in a free country, that I currently live in a free country, that I am my own master and no one tells me what to do and I am free in this world. But in reality, I was given a name, I had a predetermined race and a pre-planned nurturing of religion even before I was born. I was clutched onto a fake identity, I was taught to repeat information instead of earning knowledge and wisdom. Anyways, that sad phase of my life has gone now. But that does not mean I am free now. I, in fact, have become a slave of 9 AM to 5 PM which is slowly killing the life inside me with each passing day.

Who says slavery was abolished? It was never abolished, rather, it was only expanded to include all skin colors and not just people with dark skin. I work Monday to Saturday on the least possible legal wage and pay the taxes. Consider yourself lucky if you work five days a week. My (and most probably yours too) money is then used to strengthen the very same system which makes us state approved homogeneous drones so that we don’t become a threat to status quo.

What’s the solution of this? What should be done to keep ourselves from becoming the ultimate slaves of 9 to 5? I urge all my readers to share their wisdom on the same. And please refrain yourself from giving ‘love what you do, do what you love’ type of shit. I asked for an effective solution and not just philosophy.

Note: This write-up was first published here on Medium.


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