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The Simplest Gift Today

8 Habits To Rejuvenate Tired Digital Nomads

By Danielle DeutschPublished 8 months ago Updated 8 months ago 2 min read
The Simplest Gift Today
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

I often dream of the day where I can be valued in professional and social relationships apart from digital technology. But that's no easy feat--especially when you grew up working with cameras and computers. You see for the longest time I thought to be more productive plugged in any kind of creative arts/media role I had to show off great technical skills. However that's only part of the story (and led to me feeling chronically overwhelmed like I couldn't ever catch up). Not to mention leading to uninvited habits like weight gain, slumped posture, and chronic stiffness or back pain.

Unless you're superman with super muscles and metabolism faster than a speeding bullet you need to consider a better set of habits before, in the process of, and after turning on the screens. I didn't know what to do or how to express this to myself or anyone... Until now.

Behold! The simplest gift I can give today...

8 Common Sense Daily Habits that REJUVENATE a tired digital nomad's soul:

They aren't terribly hard but for some reason only a handful of people actually do them consistently. If you are a digital nomad or other kind of digital technology worker who have any of these figured out, kindly comment below and share who you are so I can broaden my network of inspiring everyday people.

Best of all, they aim to replenish lost energy that the negative spiral of uninvited habits and activities drains in our overly plugged in environments.

  1. Rise up out of bed between 5 and 6 am.
  2. Drink more WATER than processed drink.
  3. Exercise more than you sit.
  4. Write a story or draw a picture someone needs to see to brighten their day.
  5. Clean your room/Give something you don't use or need away (or throw out rubbish that will likely be thrown out if you give it away).
  6. Read at least 10 pages of a book (preferably off screen).
  7. Call or meet with friends and loved ones face to face.
  8. Practice the musical instrument you used to want to play so badly again. This time do it like there were 10,000 people watching a private backstage performance (aka don't worry about your mistakes too much).

Now these are the first eight that I'd like to implement daily on the road to improving my value in society and working on contentment at the same time (that's another story). Your list might look a little different and that's good. I highly encourage you to take some time unplugged to record your own list of daily productive and rejuvenating habits to counter the nasty uninvited ones that creep unannounced in the digital heavy world we live.

Time away from the screen is often the best medicine.

A few final words...

The list of actions above are activities that make me happy and fulfilled when I feel drained too fast and have to keep pressing on the digital wagon. Right now if I could implement ONE, TWO, or THREE of these daily for two weeks I imagine my life would be drastically more meaningful and valued than hours spent "researching" Google and social media or watching TV/playing video games.

I will continue to publish useful gifts like this on my journey out of the negative spiral so you can get a real view of what it's like to be in the middle BEFORE the big breakthroughs that social media loves to shove in our faces.

Thank you.

---<[email protected] D


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Danielle Deutsch

Danielle Deutsch believes all of us have the greatest super power ever - THE ABILITY TO CHOOSE! Some of us learn from our mistakes faster than others. Find a slower learner and give them a lift today! :-)

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